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    SUBMISSION.   Table of Contents     STORM-BEATEN.

Thompson, Clara Ann
Songs From the Wayside



There's a wonderful story,
That never grows old,
Though centuries have passed,
Since first it was told;
Since the angel of God,
On that far, early morn,
Proclaimed to the shepherds,
That Jesus was born.
Ah, the news was too great
For poor mortal to bring!
An angel must tell
Of the birth of the King.

The people of God
Had long looked for His Son,
The prophets had said:
"He surely will come,

Jehovah has promised
His own Son to give,
To suffer and die,
That His people may live."
And the angels were first
The glad tidings to bring:
"Glory to God in the highest,
He has sent thee thy King!"

The wondering shepherds
Cast out all their fears,
When the angels' glad tidings
Rang sweet in their ears,
And leaving their flocks,
Into Bethlehem went,
And beheld the great Gift
Their Father had sent.
In a Bethlehem stable
The little One lay;
His cradle, the manger;
His pillow, the hay.

The bright star of promise
Was seen in the east,
And then, to the manager
Came prophet and priest,
Came hither the wise men,
Rich presents to bring,
And worship this Infant,
Their Savior and King.
Then returned to their land
By a devious way,
That the king might not know
Where the little One lay.

Now, when they'd departed,
An angel of light
Appeared unto Joseph,
Slumbering at night:
"Arise! take the Child
And His mother, and fly;
King Herod decrees
That the Infant must die."

And Joseph and Mary
Fled off in the night,
With Christ, our Redeemer,
From Herod's grim might;
Into Egypt they went
With the pure Holy One;
Oh, the Father knew well
How to guard His dear Son!
The Son He so loved,
But freely did give,
To die, that the whole world
Might look up, and live.

Ah no! that sweet story
Can never grow old,
Though long years have passed,
Since first it was told;
Since first the glad angels
Sang sweet its refrain,
And now we repeat it
Again and again:--

"Glory to God in the highest,
For the dear Savior's birth!
Glory to God in the highest,
And peace upon earth!"
And down through the ages,
That chorus shall ring,
Till earth's ev'ry nation
Crowns Jesus its King.

    SUBMISSION.   Table of Contents     STORM-BEATEN.