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    MY FATHER'S STORY.   Table of Contents     GLIMPSES OF INFANCY.

Thompson, Priscilla Jane
Ethiope Lays



AN' so ole Tho'nton bounced you,
And gibbed you fah to know,
You wus de laz'est fellah,
Dat ebah grabbed de hoe;
Dat yo'money wus awaitin'--
When dat dah day wus spent;
Why did'nt you tell him dah an'den,
You did'nt gib a cent?

An' so de roscal 'bused you,
An' right befo, de han's;
An'sed you wus de laz'est cub,
Alibin' in de lan';
An'dat he would'nt keep a man,
Dat labah 'peared to hu't,
Why did'nt you tell him dah an'den,
To keep his pleggit wuk?

You ain't like yo' ole pappy;
Doe I'm sho't bref, an' all dat,
Ef he'd spoke dem wo'ds to Turnah,
Me an' him 'id had a spat;
An' I'd tole dat big man Tho'nton,
Ef I did'nt toe his rule,
An' he thought I ne'd karectin',
He mout ride de ole black mule.

An' ef de vigah ob his yuse,
'Id weighed ole Turnah down,
I'd brung my weapon fah to bah--
Why dah comes Thon'ton, now!
Good ebnin' Mistah Thon'ton;
I've heayed all 'bout dis day,
An' I'm rakin' obah Jonah,
'Bout his good fah nottin' way.

You say dat you've considahed,
An' bein' I am lame,
You'll,--she yo' mouf, man Jonah,
Fah you's goin' jest de same!
You's in yo'teens yit, manny,
An I'll teach you fah to know,
Dat in my' periah wisdom,
I'll tell you when to blow.

You say you wont be see-sawed,
An' geed an' hawed aroun'?
An dat I am a turn-coat?
I'll maul you in de groun'!
You' spose I'll stan' dat Tho'nton;
Fah my flesh an' blood to say,
Dat his pappy am a turn-coat?
Lizie, tek dis boy away!

    MY FATHER'S STORY.   Table of Contents     GLIMPSES OF INFANCY.