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    THE OLD FREEDMAN.   Table of Contents     AUTUMN.

Thompson, Priscilla Jane
Ethiope Lays



DEEP into the midst of a great, dark, wood,
Where shades are ever staying,
I found a snail, at the root of an oak,
One day, as I was maying;
And I said, "Oh stupid snail, so weak,
What moral high, canst thy poor life teach?"

And methought, the snail answered thus from
his shell,
"Oh maid! list to my teaching;
Cautiously taking full time as I o,
I'm spared of over-reaching;
If you too, like me would take life more slow,
You truly would be benefited, I know."

"And I leave a silver trace in the rear,
So that, when false friends cavil,
I may turn, for reference, back to my path,
And prove how straight I travel;
Oh! if you'd leave in your rear, a fair trace,
'Twould serve you quite fitly the future to face."

"I lug on my back, wherever I go,
This house, my life protecting;
Oh maid! though it slackens my speed the while,
I'm safe when foes are besetting;
And it would be safer if you were enrobed,
In the strong defense of Jesus, your Lord."

    THE OLD FREEDMAN.   Table of Contents     AUTUMN.