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    A WINTER NIGHT.   Table of Contents     ADDRESS TO ETHIOPIA.

Thompson, Priscilla Jane
Ethiope Lays



I HAVE traveled, I have traveled,
Over land and over sea;
I've consulted skilled physicians,
Yet t'was vain, they helped not me.

I am dying of consumption;
Oh my God can this be true?
I, so fresh, so young, so hopeful,
Pass away like morning dew?

Can I give up all life's pleasures,
That I now, would fain enjoy?
Give them up--resign--and waiting,
Say, "Thy will be done, oh Lord?"

Why should I, oh God be taken?
I--with such an aim in view;
When there 're scores of youths about me,
Shunning tasks, I'd gladly do.

Yet I'm dying! Yes I'm dying!
Day by day my end draws near;
Strange indeed this living body,
Soon will be the clod's compeer.

Growing weaker, ever weaker,
Nearer draws the reaper by,
Till methinks, I see his sickle,
By which stroke I soon shall die.

Yes must die--the time approaches;
And I feel the time is high;
Oh God! hush my vain complaining!
Give submission, Oh Most High!

Oh, 'tis said thou lov'st thy children;
And that thou art always nigh;
Free me from this dread of dying,
Give me peace before I die!

Thou knowst best why thou hast called me,
From the field that's partly sown;
I resign;--thy love hath saved me;
Take, oh take me for thine own.

Yes, oh Lord! thy love hath saved me;
Numbered me among thy blest;
Made a wretch like me thy jewel;
Ope'd the door to let me in.

Let me to sing thy praises;
Share thy loved ones sweetest boon;
Let me in, to cease from sinning;
I am blest to die so soon.

    A WINTER NIGHT.   Table of Contents     ADDRESS TO ETHIOPIA.