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    MARCH.   Table of Contents     MAY.

Smith, Effie Waller
Songs of the Months



Beautiful April! sweet month of the Spring!
Mirth, joy and sunshine with thee thou dost bring;
Garlands of bright and beautiful flowers,
Gentle, cool, pleasant, refreshing showers,
And the budding woods with bird-music ring.

The brooklet which so long has been icebound
Now ripples a gentle, musical sound;
From hillsides the snow has melted away
Where the bluebird now sings his roundelay,
And where violets and daisies surround.

Blithe swallows flit and dart through the barn;
Lithe lambkins play in the sunshine warm;
Every creature and thing seems glad and new;
The days they are growing longer, too,
And seed-time again has returned on the farm.

But April! O April! why are you, dear,
So changeful, capricious, and so queer?
Now you bring a hurried shower of rain,
Next moment the sun is shining again,--
First a smile, then a frown, and next a tear.

    MARCH.   Table of Contents     MAY.