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Smith, Effie Waller
Songs of the Months



When stretching meadow-land
Was fresh and verdure-spanned,
By Summer's breezes fanned;
Beneath its spreading elms,
Far from the noisy town,
In thoughtful meditation there
I've often laid me down.

And o'er green-wooded hills,
Atune with wild-bird trills,
Mingling with prattling rills,
I've wandered oftentimes
Beside the rillet's edge,
Or sat me down to think and dream
On moss and fern-clad ledge.

Sometimes beside the river
Where alders quake and quiver,
Where pipe-reeds shake and shiver,
Beneath the sycamores
From care and labor free
Upon the lush green grass I've sat
In thoughtful reverie.

There musing oft at night
When clear and soft the light
Fell from the stars so bright,
I've wandered solitary,
When Nature seemed at ease,
When soft and low the cooing gales
Whispered among the trees.

I've sat 'neath orchard trees
When sighed September's breeze,
And heard the hum of bees,
Busy at apple paring.
And at the apple-kiln,
Or feeding and relieving
The pond'rous cider-mill.

When the birds had southward flown,
When leaves fell gently down,
Leaves yellow, red and brown
When to a somber color
Had changed the once green hedge.
When spires of blood-red sumacs glowed
Around the pasture's edge.

And when north winds did blow
And heap the driving snow,
While fires did brightly glow;
Then oftentimes surrounded
By narrow Litchen walls.
And oftentimes 'mid cloister life
And oft in classic halls.

Within my room sometimes
I've sat me down to rhymes
Ęsthetic and sublime
While on my desk were school books
So careless piled and laid,
The morrow's problems all unsolved,
The history unread.

Amid such scenes and through
Rude circumstances, too,
These lines I give to you,
Were written, and I hope they'll get
Your criticism just;
And after reading of them
You'll feel repaid, I trust.

The Author.

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