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    APRIL.   Table of Contents     JUNE.

Smith, Effie Waller
Songs of the Months

- MAY.


Beautiful Queen of all the Twelve,
Sweet and bounteous May!
Earth, air and water teem with life,
All nature is glad and gay.

The Earth in vendure now is clothed,
Apple trees are in bloom;
On the woodland air the violet,
Sends forth its sweet perfume.

Among the blooming elders where
The brook and streamlet flow,
There pout the dainty blue flags and
Shy night primroses grow.

Down in the green, grassy meadow,
A-blooming side by side,
Cowslips and gaudy dandelions
Nod with coquettish pride.

The ever busy honey bees
Make honey hour by hour;
And sipping sweets the butterflies
Fly 'round from flower to flower.

'Neath the trees the blue sweet-williams
Are blooming on the hill,
Where late at eve when day is done
Sings the plaintive whippo'will.

    APRIL.   Table of Contents     JUNE.