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    INTRODUCTION.   Table of Contents     SONGS OF THE MONTHS.

Smith, Effie Waller
Songs of the Months



"Far up among the mountains,
Where rivers leave their fountains,
And happy birds send forth their merry thrills;
There dwells a little poet,
Though few there be who know it,
Whose voice is an echo from the hills.

"You may not like her station,
For she is not Caucasian,
Yet God with music touched the singer's heart;
And thoughts in liquid measure
Doth flow out like a treasure,
To charm us with the poet's mystic art."

In Miss Waller's verse there is that simply beautiful, lyrical quality, by which Keats and Burns charm and win all hearts.

A competent New York critic, Mr. S. G. Clow, says of Miss Waller's book:


"Here indeed are poems written close to nature's heart!

"Rarely have we seen such faithful, loving pictures, as within the covers of this charming book, of nature in all her moods and of simple homelike things, which steal us away from the city's din back to the country lanes and the old kitchen porch which we knew so long ago.... By this beautiful anthology Miss Waller has done credit and honor to her race. Like her gifted compatriot, Paul Lawrence Dunbar, she will do much to dissolve the foolish prejudice of color, and to prove that poetic genius is the heritage of their race as well as ours.

"A unique, a wonderful book! If you desire a breath of odorous country air fresh from the dear old Southland you must read it!"

Mary Elliott Flanery.

    INTRODUCTION.   Table of Contents     SONGS OF THE MONTHS.