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    AT POOL POINT.   Table of Contents     ON BIG SANDY RIVER.

Smith, Effie Waller
Rhymes from the Cumberland



The eastern sky of azure hue
With colors bright were blended
As we with quick and buoyant steps
The Cumberland ascended.

The air was breezy, fresh and warm;
The morning was sublime;
The ground was strewn with colored leaves--
For it was autumn time.

We stopped and plucked some wintergreen
We gathered pine cones brown,
We paused awhile where chestnut trees
Had dropped their harvest down.

So pleasantly we'd passed the time
While climbing up the slope
We hardly realized it when
We reached the mountain's top.

Suddenly a beauteous lake
Our wondering entranced;
Upon its wave blown bosom
The morning sunbeams danced.

Half hidden by the reeds and ferns
That yet were bright and green
Bathing quite near the water's edge
Wild ducks by us were seen.

And clearly mirrored in the lake
With leaves of varied hue
Were the trees that stood upon its shore
'Neath heaven's dome of blue.

We sat upon a spruce pine's trunk
That had uprooted been
By wind and storm and angled in
The lake still and serene.

We homeward went ere evening came,
But nothing did we take
With us except a string of fish
From out the mountain lake.

    AT POOL POINT.   Table of Contents     ON BIG SANDY RIVER.