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    Marriage   Table of Contents     Failing Health

Brown, Hallie Q.
Homespun heroines

- FRANCES JANE BROWN -- April 15, 1819--April 16, 1914
- A Haven of Rest

A Haven of Rest

Their home became a haven of rest for the weary, traveling

ministry, while one room was set aside and known as "The Bishop's Room." The eldest son was christened by the first Bishop Brown, the youngest daughter was given the name of Bishop Quinn. From this home, while the A. M. E. General Conference was in session in Pittsburgh, Daniel A. Payne was elected Bishop. That home was one of plenty and comfort and for that day and time of elegance and refinement.

Mr. Brown traveled through the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio and Kentucky collecting funds to build Old Wylie Avenue A. M. E. Church while Mrs. Brown with the women of the church raised great sums at home.

Mrs. Brown was the guiding star of the home. Quiet, unobtrusive, she ruled her household by love and gentleness. A model housekeeper, a worker in the church and a neighbor beloved. Mr. Brown was a steward on a Mississippi steamboat making the run from St. Louis to New Orleans. The eldest son, a lad of 16, was allowed to accompany his father on one of his trips on the steamboat, "The Pennsylvania." The crew was composed of colored men and women. That was a fatal trip. The boiler burst, the boat was destroyed and 600 souls were lost. For days no tidings came to Mrs. Brown of her husband and son. With a calm, hopeful manner, she went about her daily task ministering unto and consoling her children and showing only a cheerful face when the report came that Captain Clinefelter and his entire crew were lost. Early one morning, father and son returned, empty handed, dressed in old clothes given them by strangers, but unharmed. It was the occasion for great rejoicing in that home which had been cheered by the faith and trust of a devoted wife and mother.

    Marriage   Table of Contents     Failing Health