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    INTRODUCTION   Table of Contents     MARTHA PAYNE

Brown, Hallie Q.
Homespun heroines



All to Woman! the mother of man,
Whose worth can never be measured.
Her moral and mental and physical life
As mother, or sister, or sweetheart, or wife,
And oft, too, as friend, is e'er treasured.
Her role is extensive and varied through earth:
Her service far-reaching and wide.
The Queen of the hearth and the home and the church;
While the club and the school come under her rule,
And all secular business beside.
The "Joy of Service," her fond heart endures,
From infancy, through many years
Of development; mingled with faith, hope and trust,
She builds to the great, the good and the just,
That the Future may fairly decide.
All hail to our Women! the welkin shall ring,
As the Queen of the Earth passes by.
'Tis her's to "Lift" as she "Climbs" to the heights;
'Tis her's to make day of the darkest of nights,
Let all earth sing her praises aloud.

--Sarah G. Jones .

Poet Laureate of Ohio State Federation.


    INTRODUCTION   Table of Contents     MARTHA PAYNE