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   Illustration    Table of Contents     NOTES.

Tucker, Mary E.
Loew's Bridge A Broadway Idle

- Illustration


And round-faced maidens, with their locks of
Their crimson cheeks, and eyes so full of light,
Linger a moment, and then fade away.

Men robed in later styles the dark halls fill,
Hold eager consultation; then a thrill,
Of indignation seems to move the mass,
And to the office of the Surrogate( 22 ) they
In a chill current, like the whirlwind strong --
And eagerly they seek, in each small nook to
Some traces of the will they left behind.
Some smiling faces look upon me now,
But many glance, with a dark lowering brow,
Upon the fragments of a broken will.

In deep sepulchral tones, amid the ghostly din,
A stern voice utters, "Bring the culprit in."
And the last Surrogate
Is ushered in, and takes his chair of state;
Grim Death is standing by his head,
And o'er him spirits of the happy dead
Are keeping watch.
Orphans and widows, with all patience wait
To hear the verdict of the Surrogate.
He tears the will , declares 'tis Law's command,
And in a moment all the ghostly band
Have vanished, save the solemn clerk
Who writes until earth's pall of night
Is changed for robes of glorious light.

Shadows on the snow are lying,
Day is dead, the year is dying;
Wailing winds around are sighing
For the year that now is dying.

Tell me, year, before thy fleeting,
Tell me what will be the greeting
Of the year we'll soon be meeting,
Are the hopes that fill me, cheating?

Old year, whisper--still I listen!
Are hopes only drops that glisten
For a moment, as they christen
Rose-buds newly born?

And the old year tells me, dying,
In the voice of winds soft sighing--
"Child of earth, cease, cease thy crying,
What is life but hope?

Old year, give me e'er thy leaving
Token, that I may cease grieving;
Make my faith pure, keep me believing
Both in man and God.

Silver clouds are o'er me sailing,
And the strickened year fast paling,
Softly whispers 'mid the wailing--
"I leave thee Love and Hope ."

   Illustration    Table of Contents     NOTES.