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    WEST INDIES.   Table of Contents

Prince, Nancy
A narrative of the life and travels of Mrs. Nancy Prince



Amid this world's tumultuous noise,
For peace my soul to Jesus flies;
If I've an interest in his grace,
I want no other hiding place.

The world with all its charms is vain,
Its wealth and honors I disdain:
All its extensive aims embrace,
Can ne'er afford a hiding place.

A guilty, sinful heart is mine,
Jesus, unbounded love is thine!
When I behold thy smiling face,
Tis then I see my hiding place.

To save, if once my Lord engage,
The world may laugh, and Satan rage:
The powers of hell can ne'er erase
My name from God's own hiding place.

I'm in a wilderness below,
Lord, guide me all my journey through,
Plainly let me thy footsteps trace,
Which lead to heaven, my hiding place.

Should dangers thick impede my course,
O let my soul sustain no loss;
Help me to run the Christian race,
And enter safe my hiding place.

Then with enlarged powers,
I'll triumph in redeeming love,
Eternal ages will I praise
My Lord for such a hiding place.

    WEST INDIES.   Table of Contents