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    PREFACE   Table of Contents     INTRODUCTION

Taylor, Susie King
Reminiscences of my life in camp




Introduction by Col. Thomas Wentworth Higginson ... xi

Letter from Lieut.-Col. C. T. Trowbridge xiii

I. A Brief Sketch of my Ancestors ... 1

II. My Childhood ... 5

III. On St. Simon's Island , 1862... 11

IV. Camp Saxton--Proclamation and Barbecue. 1863... 18

V. Military Expeditions, and Life in Camp . 22

VI. On Morris and Other Islands ... 31

VII. Cast Away ... 37

VIII. A Flag of Truce ... 40

IX. Capture of Charleston ... 42

X. Mustered out ... 45

XI. After the War ... 53

XII. The Women's Relief Corps ... 59

XIII. Thoughts on Present Conditions ... 61

XIV. A Visit to Louisiana ... 69

Appendix .

Roster of Survivors of 33d Regiment United States Colored Troops... 79

A List of the Battles fought by the Regiment 82



Mrs. Susie King Taylor ... Frontispiece

Group: Capt. A. W. Heasley, Capt. Walker, Capt. W. W. Sampson, Capt. Charles E. Parker ... 16

Colonel Thomas Wentworth Higginson .. 24

Group: Major H. A. Whitney, Lieut. J. B. West, Henry Batchlott ... 28

Group: Lieut. John A. Trowbridge, Lieut. Eli C. Merriam, Lieut. James M. Thompson, Lieut. Jerome T. Furman ... 36

Group: Capt. L. W. Metcalf, Capt. Miron W. Saxton, Capt. A. W. Jackson, Corporal Peter Waggall ... 40

Lieut.-Col. C. T. Trowbridge ... 46

Schoolhouse in Savannah. ... 54

    PREFACE   Table of Contents     INTRODUCTION