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    TO MARY.   Table of Contents     REVENGE.

Tucker, Mary E.



SPRING, glad Spring, has dawned on earth;
Birds rejoice for her bright birth;
Farewell now to winter dear--
Spring, with all her joys, is here.

Trees clothed in green, our hearts' delight;
Rare flowerets bloom, in colors bright;
Earth joyful now, her riches yields,
While Spring her radiant sceptre wields.

Lowing kine with thanks rejoice;
Insects hum with drowsy voice;
Everything on earth, in air,
Join in the chorus, Spring is fair!

But not, alas, no transient bloom
Can take from each sad heart its gloom;
For misery, with might untold,
Rests on each heart of mortal mould.

We mourn, because war's chilling blast
Its arm of death has round us cast;
We mourn the noble and the brave,
Now sleeping in an unknown grave.

    TO MARY.   Table of Contents     REVENGE.