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    SPRING.   Table of Contents     LIFT ME HIGHER.

Tucker, Mary E.



AH! I could curse them in my woe,
E'en as the viper stings,
And to the heel that strikes it clings,
So I could plant my blow.

Yes, I could pray that fell disease
Should torture them with pain--
That plague should fall in every rain,
Miasma taint each breeze.

That wealth should vanish, and the curse
Of poverty should reign;
That cries for bread should be in vain!
An always empty purse.

That friends should die, and every pride
Should vanish in a day;
'Till even hope withdraws her ray,
And naught of joys abide.

Yes, I could whisper in the ear
Of one who loves to tell
Some fabrication, dark as hell,
As scandal loves to hear.

Revenge is sweet; I could invent
Full many a thousand way,
That would my heartfelt wrongs repay,
Could they my soul content.

But could I go to sleep in peace,
And could I dream of heaven--
Could I e'er hope to be forgiven
When death came to release?

Revenge is sweet to those who live;
But when we think of death--
The ebbing of this life-tide breath--
'Tis sweeter to forgive.

    SPRING.   Table of Contents     LIFT ME HIGHER.