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    LIFT ME HIGHER.   Table of Contents     CRAZED.

Tucker, Mary E.



SILVERY Fountain! soft and clear
Falls thy murmuring on mine ear;
And thy flowing ever brings
The memory that round me clings
Of long ago.

Resting on thy brink so oft,
Mingling with thy music soft,
I have heard words, sad and sweet,
Words no mortal can repeat
In days of yore.

When thy shining streamlet fell,
Ere it reached the crystal shell
My head would catch the glittering gleam,
And diamonds with my gold would beam
Like stars on night.

In waking dreams, with half-closed eyes,
I've seen fair forms from thee arise,
And wondered were they beings of earth,
With fairy forms, yet mortal birth,
Or rays of light.

I felt that angel ones were near,
And hoping, knowing, they would hear--
My heart's thoughts to my lips would rise,
And prayers be wafted to the skies,
On wings of love.

Ah, speak again! No unknown tongue
Was thine to me, when I was young;
Fain would I linger near thy side
And die, that those I love might guide
My soul above.

    LIFT ME HIGHER.   Table of Contents     CRAZED.