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    THE OPIUM-EATER.   Table of Contents     LITTLE BELL.

Tucker, Mary E.

- [ After taking a dose .]

[ After taking a dose .]

Ah! now I sit in bowers of bliss,
Soothed by an angel's balmy kiss!
Delicious languor o'er me stealing
Is now my only sense of feeling.

The breath of flowers perfumes the air;
The forms around are--oh, so fair!
The once cold air seems warm and bright'
And I, too, seem a being of light.

My hair is not so very grey--
Some dye will take that hue away;
A little powder shall, I vow,
Hide the small wrinkles on my brow.

My teeth are sound--I feel no pain--
Their slight ache was but sign of rain;
And then the twinging of my feet
Was nothing but a dream, a cheat.

To me, the night, though dark, seems day,
Colored by Hope's most beauteous ray:
No sorrow hence shall give me pain--
I know I'll never weep again!

    THE OPIUM-EATER.   Table of Contents     LITTLE BELL.