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After taking a dose
.]   Table of Contents     WEARINESS.

Tucker, Mary E.



EVENING came, a child was missing,
Where she was, we could not tell--
Hiding, thought we, just for mischief;
Full of fun was little Bell.

Soon we found the little darling,
Hiding in a grassy dell;
All alone? No, gentle angels
Kept safe guard o'er little Bell.

Her sweet chubby cheek was resting
On her little dimpled hands;
While her sunny curie were shining
On her brow, in golden bands.

Silken eyelids softly closing
O'er the dancing eyes of blue,
Kept the envious stars from seeing
Earth can have her diamonds too.

A stick for gun and flag of bonnet
By her on the grass-bed lay;
Ah, poor Bell, our cruel warfare
Came to naught, like children's play.

Naught, alas! but blood and sorrows,
By each hearth a vacant place;
Years of joy can not redeem us
As a nation from disgrace.

Gentle by thy life's sweet slumbers;
Purity in thy heart dwell;
Every blessing rest upon thee--
Is my prayer for little Bell.

After taking a dose
.]   Table of Contents     WEARINESS.