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    A KISS.   Table of Contents     CHILD LIFE.

Tucker, Mary E.



ONE single word of heartfelt kindness,
Oft is worth a mine of gold,--
Yet how oft, we, in our blindness,
The most precious wealth withhold.

Like soft dews on thirsting flowers,
It revives the drooping heart;
And its magical blest showers
Is the soul's best healing art.

Oh! however sad and lonely
Life's dark, sterile path may be,
One, one single kind word only
Causeth all its gloom to flee.

How can we know of the troubles
That must rack another's soul,
All must know that empty bubbles
Of Life's cares o'er all heads roll.

Then forgiving and forgetting,
Let for aye the kind word fall,
Only our own sins regretting
With a charity for all.

Then this life will be a pleasure,
When we all speak words of love,
For we know our earthly measure
Will be more than filled above.

    A KISS.   Table of Contents     CHILD LIFE.