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   Illustration    Table of Contents     LIFE FOR A LIFE

Tucker, Mary E.



"DARLING, how long before this breath
will cease?
How long before my soul shall have sweet peace?
I am so weary, that I fain would rest,
Would rest forever on my Saviour's breast.

Ah! let me gaze once more upon the earth,
So gay, so bright, so full of joy and mirth.
The song-birds sing, and bright flowers bloom for me,
And night's pure stars shine on me lovingly:

Earth is all brightness, still I fain would go
Where all is real, where joy ne'er turns to woe,
Where this frail body will be free from pain,
Where we shall meet, no more to part again.

'Tis dark here, father! Oh, weep not for me,
For Heaven is light through all Eternity.
In the pure garland of her Saviour's love
Your bud will shed her fragrance far above.

Oh, mother! Think I've only gone before,--
My sisters! That we soon shall meet once more.
Weep not for me! my heart is passing light,
I'll rest to-morrow robed in spotless white.

Speak louder! for my earthly senses fail--
Terrestrial things before my dim sight pale.
Celestial visions meet my fading sight;
I hear sweet music in the realms of light.

And thou, beloved, who art near my side--
But one short month and I had been thy bride.
How can I leave thee? 'Tis my Saviour's voice,
He would espouse me-- fainting heart, rejoice.

Farewell to all, a long and last farewell!
The angels call me where immortals dwell!
With a sweet smile she breathed her latest breath,
And thus our darling triumphed over death.

   Illustration    Table of Contents     LIFE FOR A LIFE