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    DID YOU CALL ME, FATHER?   Table of Contents     HEART'S EASE

Tucker, Mary E.



MANY long years ago, I loved a youth,
Who seemed the soul of honor and
of truth--
He charmed my heart with some unholy spell
He was a serpent, whom I loved so well.

The blush of girlhood had just ting'd my cheek;
He knew me young--perchance he thought me weak
'Tis said, he often boasted of his power,
To gather for his own each new-blown flower.

My simple language can not well describe
How first he stood before me in his pride;
His form was cast in beauty's manly mould;
His eyes shot fire, and his hair was gold.

Fain, fain would I describe to you his glance;
One look enough, to throw me in a trance;
His flute like voice--ah! from my sleep I woke,
When on mine ear the cadence gently broke.

A month passed by: he lingered by my side,
Legend for the time, when I should he his bride;
Ah! bitter ending, of that month of years,
A life of sorrow, and a life of tears.

The scathing truth, like any lighting stroke,
Fell'd me to earth, and my poor heart was broke;
He, frightened, turned and left me, with my woe,
For, in my wrath, I sternly bade him go.

I've never loved again; for there, and then,
All my faith vanished in the truth of men.
Of that short month, 'tis seldom that I speak,
And to forget my youth, in vain I seek.

    DID YOU CALL ME, FATHER?   Table of Contents     HEART'S EASE