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    THE BLIGHT OF LOVE.   Table of Contents     MY MOTHER'S VOICE.

Tucker, Mary E.



LONELY and dreary was the day,
Lonely and weary swelled my heart,
Fainting for need of Hope's bright ray--
For without Hope will Joy depart.

We may survive, but do we live
As God has willed his children should,
While craving, praying, give, oh give;
All, all is evil, give me good?

I wandered far from haunts of men--
Cold, bitter cold, the North wind blew;
It even reached my favorite glen,
Where first spring flowerets always grew,

I threw myself in my despair
Upon a bed of faded leaves--
I wept aloud, and tore my hair,
Grieved, as a bereaved mother grieves.

I prayed for death; for death will bring
Oblivion, and rest, sweet rest!
Then memory will lose its sting,
And peace is found on Jesus' breast.

Give me, oh Father, was my prayer,
Some token, that my Spring is near,
Soothe my deep grief, calm my despair,
Console me, Lord, assuage my fear.

A sunbeam cleft the dense, cold air,
And rested on a Heart's Ease bloom;
Life, life in death! adieu, despair!
The morning dawns o'er night's deep gloom.

I clasped the omen to my soul,
And to my lips the Heart's Ease pressed,
Tumultuous storms may o'er me roll--
That token future joys expressed.

    THE BLIGHT OF LOVE.   Table of Contents     MY MOTHER'S VOICE.