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    DEDICATION.   Table of Contents     CONTENTS.

Mossell, N.F.
The Work of Afro-American Women



In the belief that some note of inspiration might be found in these writings for the budding womanhood of the race, they have been gathered and placed before it in this form. The author thanks her many readers for the kindly reception given her occasional work in the past, and bespeaks for this little volume the same generous reception in the present. She also desires to express her gratitude for helpful suggestions (in the preparation of this little book) from Mrs. F. E. W. Harper, Mrs. Bishop B. F. Lee, Miss Frazelia Campbell, T. Thomas Fortune, and Dr. N. F. Mossell. The author would be grateful to her readers if, by personal communication, they would make any correction or suggestion looking toward a more extended and revised edition of this work in the near future. Address

1432 Lombard Street,


"To hold one's self in harmony with one's race while working out one's personal gift with freedom and conviction is to combine the highest results of inheritance and personal endeavor."

"The chief significance of this work is that it preserves for all time a chapter of humanity."


    DEDICATION.   Table of Contents     CONTENTS.