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    RECOMPENSE.   Table of Contents     LIFE.

Mossell, N.F.
The Work of Afro-American Women



Good night! Ah no, that cannot be
Good night that severs thee from me;
To dwell with thee in converse sweet,
And evermore thy presence greet,
Filling thy life with cheer and light,
Then each hour lost would bring good night.

To listen for thy footsteps' fall,
To answer when thy voice doth call,
To feel thy kisses warm and sweet,
Thy downward glance my lifted eye to greet,
To feel love's silence, and its might,
Then evermore't would be good night.

To dwell with thee shut in, and all the world shut out,
Close clasped in love's own clasp,
And thus to feel that I to thee belong
And thou to me;
That nevermore on earth shall parting come,
But only at the bidding of that Loving One,
With will, power and hope to show love's might,
Then, and not till then, can come good night.

To know thy every helpful thought,
To look upon the universe and think God's thoughts after
To see the mystic beauty of music, poetry and art,
To minister unto thy every want,
To fill thy life with all the joy that woman's love can
To shield thy life from evil, to bring thee good with love's
This daily life would surely bring to each
The best good night.

    RECOMPENSE.   Table of Contents     LIFE.