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    ONLY.   Table of Contents     THREE HOURS.

Mossell, N.F.
The Work of Afro-American Women



Beautiful eyes are those that see
God's own children that should be;
Beautiful ears are those that hear
Their little footsteps lingering near.

Beautiful lips are those that press
Stained ones with fond caress;
Beautiful hands are those that grasp
The blind and erring with gentle clasp.

Beautiful feet are those that lead
Wandering ones the path to heed;
Beautiful hearts are those that beat
In sympathy warm at the mercy-seat.

Beautiful faces are those we see
And bless our God for memory;
Beautiful forms are those that move
Joyfully forward, on missions of love.

Beautiful homes are those that teach
Patient acts and kindly speech;
Beautiful lives are those that give
Others the strength and courage to live.

Beautiful words are those we speake,
Timid and tearful, "For Jesus' sake;"
Beautiful thoughts are those that fly
On wings of love to God on high.

Beautiful prayers are those we raise
For them that turn from wisdom's ways;
Beautiful songs are those we sing
When sinners own our Lord and King.

Beautiful wills on God's work bent,
Beautiful errands of good intent;

Beautiful heaven smiling above,
Beautiful truth that "God is love.

Beautiful promise in God's own Book--
Free to all who will only look;
Beautiful crown when cross we bear;
Beautiful ransomed ones, bright and fair.

Beautiful Saviour, the Crucified Lamb,
All wise, all loving, the Great I Am;
Beautiful Sabbath of perfect rest--
Beautiful day that God has blest.

Beautiful sleep, all joy and gain,
No grief or loss, neither sorrow or pain;
Beautiful rest with work well done;
Beautiful saints around God's throne.

    ONLY.   Table of Contents     THREE HOURS.