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    NOON.   Table of Contents     THE STORY OF A LIFE.

Mossell, N.F.
The Work of Afro-American Women



And now again 'tis set of sun,
And close of life's fair day;
The youth has passed to manhood's hour,
But only lips can pray.

No longer may the mother voice,
In accents sweet and mild,
With holy words of Bible lore,
Still guide her little child.

In college walls by scoffers thronged,
No precious word made household truth,
Is brought to him, by memory fair,
To guide his erring youth.

His life no longer the mother may shape,
Forever lost is the precious hour;
Now only God can the wrong undo,
By the help of His mighty power.

O, mothers dear! throughout our land,
Its acres fair and wide!
With little ones your daily care,
Now walking by your side,

Keep ever this truth before you;
At morn, at night, always,
That to teach the love of the Saviour,
His precepts to obey,

With kindly lips and true,
Is a work that lies ever before you,
The best that you can do.

Let not the hours pass idly on,
'Till morn and noon and night have come,
And all your work lay idly by,
And remain perhaps forever undone.

But gird your heart up to the work;
Let every day some Bible truth
Be sown in the heart and mind of each child,
To guide him on in his tender youth.

And when the close of life shall come
And all your work shall cease,
The Soul to its Giver shall return
To a life of endless peace.

    NOON.   Table of Contents     THE STORY OF A LIFE.