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    III.   Table of Contents     V.

Bibb, Eloise

- IV.


"Farewell! farewell!" Eliza cried,
"Old home, I loved so well;
Farewell! dear trees and shady groves,
I'll miss your magic spell.
Neath shrubs like these oft have I played,
These groves have sheltered me,
Just such a night my heart was won,
Beneath that old beech tree."

With hurrying feet, she quickly sped
Across the frosty ground:
Her fears were roused with awful dread,
At every quaking sound.
At length she neared the river's side,
Her blood turned cold with fright;
Those huge green blocks of floating ice
Will land not boat to-night.

She heard a voice--the voice of Sam,
And saw Haley, the man
Who bought her child, her all and all,
She clasped her boy and ran.
The trader watched her disappear
Far down the river's bank,
And when he saw her desperate leap,
All hope within him sank.

She vaulted o'er the current swift,
The ice now creaked beneath;
She leaps, she slips, she stands again,
Upon the river's reef.
Her shoes are gone, her feet are cut,
The water's dyed with blood,
With mad'ning shrieks she stumbled on,
Forgetful of the flood.

She sees a man, as in a dream,
Upon the other side;
She hears a voice--her heart is still,
"O, aid me, sir!" she cried:
"O, hide me quick, they've sold my boy,--
This child I'd die to save."
"Go thar," he said, "to them kind folks,
They'd save you from the grave."

    III.   Table of Contents     V.