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Table of Contents     COPYRIGHT

Dunbar-Nelson, Alice
Violets and Other Tales

About the electronic edition:

Violets and other tales: a machine-readable transcription

Dunbar-Nelson, Alice Moore

ca. 162 kilobytes

The New York Public Library.

New York, N.Y.


About the print source:

Violets and other tales

Dunbar-Nelson, Alice Moore

Monthly Review



Prepared as part of The Digital Schomburg, a project providing electronic access to collections on the African Diaspora and Africa from The New York Public Library.

All quotation marks retained as data.

All unambiguous end-of-line hyphens have been removed, and the trailing part of a word has been joined to the preceding line.

The images exist as archived TIFF images, and one or more JPEG versions for general use.

November, 1997

Added section heading "COPYRIGHT" for copyright page.

Table of Contents     COPYRIGHT