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    CHAPTER XXV.   Table of Contents     CHAPTER XXVI.

Foote, Julia A.J.
A Brand Plucked From the Fire

- Work in Various Places.

Work in Various Places.

June 18th, 1849, I bade my mother and family farewell, and started out on my mission again. I stopped in New York, where I was joined by Sister Ann M. Johnson, who became my traveling companion. We went to Philadelphia, where we were entertained by Brother and Sister Lee. The dear, kind friends welcomed us warmly. Sister Johnson did not feel moved to labor in public, except to sing, pray, and recount her experience. I labored constantly while in this city, going from church to church.

On the 28th we went to Snow Hill, where we spent one Sunday. We visited Fethersville,

Bordentown, Westchester and Westtown, all to the glory of God. I must say, the dear Holy Spirit wonderfully visited the people in all these places. Many were converted, and, now and then, one would step into the fountain of cleansing.

July 20th we left for New York, stopping at Burlington, Trenton, Princeton, Rahway, Brunswick and Newark. In each of these places we spent several days, much to our comfort and the apparent good of the churches. We arrived in New York city August 3d, and went to Bridgeport (Conn.) by boat. We found the church there in a very unsettled condition because of unbelief. We next went to New Haven, where we had some precious meetings. In Providence, R. I., we also received God's blessing on our labors.

At this time I received a pressing invitation from Rev. Daniel A. Paine, who is now bishop of the A. M. E. Church, to visit Baltimore, which I accepted. Upon our arrival there we were closely questioned as to our freedom, and carefully examined for marks on our persons by which to identify us if we should prove to be runaways. While there, a daughter of the lady with whom we boarded ran away from her self-styled master. He came, with others, to her mother's house at midnight, burst in

the door without ceremony, and swore the girl was hid in the house, and that he would have her, dead or alive. They repeated this for several nights. They often came to our bed and held their light in our faces, to see if the one of whom they were looking was not with us. The mother was, of course, in great distress. I believe they never recovered the girl. Thank the dear Lord we do not have to suffer such indignities now, though the monster, Slavery, is not yet dead in all its forms.

We remained sometime in Baltimore, laboring mostly in Brother Paine's charge. We then went to Washington, D.C., where our conference was in session. The meetings were excellent, and great good was being done, when an incident occurred which cast a gloom over the whole Conference. One day, when a number of the ministers, Sister Johnson and myself, were dining at the house of one of the brethren, a slaveholder came and searched the house for a runaway. We realized more and more what a terrible thing it was for one human being to have absolute control over another.

We remained in Washington a few weeks, laboring for Christ. Although, at the time, it seemed as though Satan ruled there supreme, God gave us to know that his righteousness

was being set up in many hearts. Glory to his excellent name.

The larger portion of the past year had been a time of close trial, yet I do not recollect ever closing a year more fully in Christ than I did that one. On taking a retrospective view of it, I found great cause for humiliation as well as thankfulness. I was satisfied with the Lord's dealings with me; my mind was kept in peace, while many had declined on the right hand and on the left; I was thankful that any were spared to bear the standard of the Redeemer.

Since I first entered the vineyard of my divine Master, I have seen many a star fall, and many a shining light go out and sink into darkness. Many, who have been singularly owned and blessed of God, have deserted his standard in the day of trial; yet, through his abounding grace, have I been kept. Glory be to the keeping power of the blood that cleanseth me, even me, from all sin!


    CHAPTER XXV.   Table of Contents     CHAPTER XXVI.