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    TO A LOVED ONE.   Table of Contents     TO THE MOCK-BIRD.

Fordham, Mary Weston
Magnolia Leaves: Poems



The gloom of night had overspread the land,
Swaying its dread sceptre o'er every man;
For superstition like a monarch reigned,
And Adam's sons were fettered by its chain.

When the fulfilment of the promise came,
A Saviour ! born to-day in Bethlehem;
Gabriel, the news, the joyful news revealed
By night, to some poor shepherds in the field.

Go now to Bethlehem, behold the Babe--
Though Lord of all, He's in a manager laid!
Among the horned cattle there you'll find
The Prince of Peace, the Saviour of mankind.

The Shepherds then in haste obeyed his word,
Guided by flaming star to view their Lord;
They entered in, when, judge of their surprise--
An infant, a Redeemer, burst upon their eyes.

Amazed, affrighted, trembling, they
Gazed on the Babe as there He lay;
Though in a manger yet He bore
Rare tokens of Almighty power.

    TO A LOVED ONE.   Table of Contents     TO THE MOCK-BIRD.