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Table of contents for Programmer's Guide to Customizing DynaWeb

[-] Document Overview
How this Document is Organized
How Different Fonts are Used in this Document
[-] 1. DynaWeb Tcl Extensions
HTTP-Related Commands
URL-Related Commands
Collection-Related Commands (Declarations)
TOC-Related Commands
Page-Related Commands
Navigation-Related Commands
Search-Related Commands
Datastream-Related Commands
Event-Related Commands
File-Related Commands
I18n-Related Commands (Internationalization)
Tcl Utility Commands
[+] Cache-Time Versus Run-Time Commands
[-] 2. Understanding DynaWeb Scripts and Templates
[+] Scripts
Invoking Templates and Scripts
[-] 3. Tcl Variables in DynaWeb
How DynaWeb Processing Affects the Use of Variables
Variable Maps
[-] 4. Understanding the DynaWeb Processing Model
[+] The Request
The Server
The DynaWeb Plugin
The Configuration Manager
The Tcl Interpreter
[-] 5. Constructing Appropriate HTML
[+] How DynaWeb Generates Content
[+] Constructing a Page Text View
[+] Constructing a TOC View
[-] 6. Enhancing the Page Text View
[+] Adding Navigation Buttons to the Page Text View
[+] Handling Interrupts
[+] Handling Searching in Page Text
[+] Adding Navigation for Search Hits
[-] 7. Enhancing the TOC View
[+] Searching and Displaying Search Hits in TOC Views
[+] Expanding and Collapsing TOC Items
[-] 8. How the Standard DynaWeb Configuration Works
Understanding the Processing of a DynaWeb Startup Script
[-] 9. Using JavaScript with DynaWeb
[+] General
[-] 10. Performing Tasks in DynaWeb
[+] General
[+] Adding Preferences to Control how Search Hits are Displayed
[+] Using the Tree Navigation Commands to Enhance Queries
[+] Adding Element-level Security for Significant Elements
[+] Implementing Dynamic Collections in DynaWeb
[-] Appendix A: Adding Your Own Tcl Commands
[+] General
[+] Implementing Custom PVFs Through TCL