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DynaWeb Publishers Guide

[-] 2. Publishing DynaText Books Using DynaWeb
[-] Equations



DynaWeb includes a converter that recognizes DVI equations and automatically converts them to XBM images. This conversion is transparent to the reader, who receives a page of HTML with embedded inline images replacing the original equations.

The conversion process runs every time an equation is requested as part of a response. The generated images are discarded immediately after the response is completed, eliminating the need for additional storage space or file maintenance.

Figure 2-4: DVI Equation As Displayed Through DynaWeb


Supported Equations

In order for DynaWeb to automatically convert your equations to XBM images, they must be in DVI format. If your books contain SGML equations or TEX equations, they must be converted into DVI files in order for DynaWeb (or DynaText) to display them. An explanation of how to create DVI files for your TEX equations can be found in Chapter 9: "Links to Non-textual Objects" of the Publishing: Document Preparation book.

If your equations are included in the form of raster files, DynaWeb will interpret them as normal figures.

Searching inside Equations

You may search inside your DVI equations if you included your equations in the index created during the mkbook procedure. (More information on indexing equations can be found in Chapter 7: "Inline Objects" of the Publishing: Document Preparation book.)

When returning search hits contained inside equations, DynaWeb highlights the equation containing the search hit.

Adding Equation Fonts

In order to add custom fonts to your DynaWeb installation, your fonts must be in the PK font format. PK fonts are generated from TeX fonts using MetaFont. Equation fonts must be placed in the data/pkfonts directory under your DynaWeb installation directory. In addition, they must be named according to the following syntax: fontname.[dpi]pk where [dpi] is the size of the font that DynaWeb will use.

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