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   What Are Configuration Files?   [Table of Contents]    Localizing DynaWeb

DynaWeb Publishers Guide

[-] 3. Overview of DynaWeb Configuration Files
[-] How DynaWeb Views Collections and Books

How DynaWeb Views Collections and Books


DynaWeb displays collections and books through three main views. These three views are the Root view, which is shown during the initial access to the server; the Collection view, during which a list of collections and their contents are shown; and the Book view, where DynaWeb displays the TOC and content of a DynaText book.

DynaWeb groups all of the requests it receives into one of these three views and uses that view when serving out the response.

Controlling The Views

The display of a view is initiated by one and only one script. For example, when the Collection view is requested, DynaWeb generates a URL request that tells the Generic__CollectionView script (located in the collview.dwc file) to do the job. Generic__CollectionView checks to see whether the browser has frames enabled or disabled, and passes the request along accordingly to one of two templates: Frames__CollectionView or NoFrames__CollectionView.

These two templates break down their job into smaller jobs such as: displaying the collection's TOC, the contents of the collection, and the button bar. The templates then pass these jobs to other scripts and templates in other configuration files.

Displaying the collection's Table of Contents is done by scripts and templates in colltoc.dwc, which in turn use utility scripts and templates from the tocutil.dwc configuration file.

The contents of the collection are handled by scripts and templates in colltext.dwc.

Displaying the button bar is accomplished by scripts and templates in collbbar.dwc, which uses utility scripts and templates in bbarutil.dwc.

The Root view and Book view work similarly.

Below is a diagram showing the relationships between the configuration files:

Figure 3-1: Map of Configuration Files


   What Are Configuration Files?   [Table of Contents]    Localizing DynaWeb