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   Query Expansion   [Table of Contents]    Creating a Publisher's Thesaurus

DynaWeb Publishers Guide

[-] 3. Overview of DynaWeb Configuration Files
[-] The DynaWeb Thesaurus

The DynaWeb Thesaurus

DynaWeb also supports the creation of a "Publisher's Thesaurus" through a command-line utility called makept. If a publisher has a specific set of words and synonyms that they wish to search, they can make a Publisher's Thesaurus containing the terms they require.

How DynaWeb Handles Publisher's Thesauri

When a expanded query is initiated with thesaurus searching activated, DynaWeb looks in the query expansion configuration file specified by dwSetQueryExpConfigFile inside preproc.dwc. The default value for this file is qeconfig.dat, located in the data/qe directory. The qeconfig.dat file assigns the correct CIET files and publisher's thesaurus (if one exists) for the language of the current query.

Thesaurus Files

The table below lists the files involved with Publisher's Thesauri, their location in the installation, and their function in the thesaurus searching procedure.

File Name





Recognizes expanded queries; sets expansion options and sets location of query expansion configuration file



query expansion configuration file; lists available thesauri; provides pointer to publisher's thesaurus (if any)

*.dat files


thesaurus word files for each language

   Query Expansion   [Table of Contents]    Creating a Publisher's Thesaurus