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DynaWeb Publishers Guide

[-] 5. Modifying The DynaWeb Interface
[-] Template-Controlled Text

Template-Controlled Text

Changing Text In Templates

The procedure for changing text in DynaWeb templates is easy. The templates contained in DynaWeb's configuration files contain all of the text displayed by DynaWeb. All of the strings that DynaWeb uses are gathered into a single configuration file, localize.dwc. (The page for the Help button is not localized via the localize.dwc file. That page (icons/iconhelp.htm) will have to be edited separately.) The templates that construct the HTML for DynaWeb reference this file whenever a string is required. More information about the function of the localize.dwc file can be found in the Localizing DynaWeb section of this guide.

Any time DynaWeb needs to serve up a string, it uses a command called dwGetLocalizedString to retrieve the appropriate string from the localize.dwc file and substitutes the string into the generated HTML.

In order to change the text that appears in your DynaWeb interface, you need to find out which string corresponds to the text you wish to change.

If you have provided strings for more than one language in localize.dwc, remember to change the appropriate text in all available languages. Otherwise, when you specify another language, the values for the strings will reflect the original version of the text before your modifications.

Note: As usual, always back up the localize.dwc before you modify it.

Viewing Your Changes

Once your modifications have been made to localize.dwc, you will need to restart your server in order to view the changes.

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