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Disabling Printing [Table of Contents] Adding/Removing Spoolers (Windows)

DynaWeb Publishers Guide

[-] 5. Modifying The DynaWeb Interface
[-] Modifying the Print Interface
[-] Adding/Deleting Spoolers (UNIX)

Adding/Deleting Spoolers (UNIX)

DynaWeb allows users to choose from a list of common spoolers (such as A4, landscape, etc.) when printing their documents. These spoolers handle the formatting of the PostScript file. The default list of spoolers is:

These spooler names are taken from the config.dat file located in the data/ps directory under your DynaWeb installation.

Adding Spoolers

You can modify an existing <SPOOLER> declaration from the config.dat file to suit your own needs. A typical <SPOOLER> declaration looks like:

<SPOOLER name=default width=612 height=792 command="lp">
          <LANGMAP language=en charset=iso8859-1>
          <LANGMAP language=fr charset=iso8859-1>
          <LANGMAP language=it charset=iso8859-1>
          <LANGMAP language=de charset=iso8859-1>
          <LANGMAP language=es charset=iso8859-1>
          <LANGMAP language=ja charset=japanese-euc>

Removing Spoolers

Find the <SPOOLER> declaration in the file data/ps/config.dat that corresponds to the spooler you wish to remove and remove the entire declaration.

Disabling Printing [Table of Contents] Adding/Removing Spoolers (Windows)