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Adding/Removing Spoolers (Windows) [Table of Contents] Adding/Deleting Print Locales

DynaWeb Publishers Guide

[-] 5. Modifying The DynaWeb Interface
[-] Modifying the Print Interface
[-] Adding/Removing Print Views

Adding/Removing Print Views

In DynaWeb's print interface, the user can select from a drop-down list of print views. Print views correspond to the print stylesheets available for the current book.

Note: DynaWeb assumes there is at least a fulltext.pv stylesheet available and always provides a "default" print view for printing. Printing without at least a fulltext.pv available may cause unusual behavior.

Adding a Print View

The list of available print views is built into the bookprnt.dwc configuration file. The section of the bookprnt.dwc file that creates the list looks like:

 <OPTION VALUE="fulltext.pv">Default

The value of VALUE corresponds to the name of the print stylesheet, while the text following the OPTION tag is the text that will be displayed in the drop-down list.

For example, if we wanted to create another print view called Landscape that uses the landscape.pv print stylesheet, we would add a second OPTION tag with the new stylesheet name and our alias for the selection.

 <OPTION VALUE=fulltext.pv>Default <OPTION VALUE=landscape.pv>Landscape

Removing a Print View

To delete an existing print view, simply find the correct line in data/config/bookprnt.dwc and remove the OPTION tag that corresponds to the view you wish to remove.

Adding/Removing Spoolers (Windows) [Table of Contents] Adding/Deleting Print Locales