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Table of contents for DynaWeb Publishers Guide

[+] Document Overview
[+] 1. Introduction to DynaWeb Publishing
[-] 2. Publishing DynaText Books Using DynaWeb
[+] Introduction
[+] How DynaWeb Books Appear to Web Clients
[+] Introduction To Stylesheets
[+] The dynaweb.wv Stylesheet
[+] How DynaWeb Uses the dynaweb.wv Stylesheet
[+] Creating a dynaweb.wv Stylesheet
Assigning SGML Styles to HTML Groups
Purpose of this Section
The HTML Style Groups
Procedure for Assigning Groups Using InStEd
Assigning Styles to HTML Groups without InStEd
Converting SGML Containers
[+] Mapping HTML Lists
[+] Equations
[+] Hyperlinks
[+] TCL() PVF
[+] 3. Overview of DynaWeb Configuration Files
[+] 4. Managing DynaWeb Collections
[+] 5. Modifying The DynaWeb Interface
[+] Appendix A: Glossary
[+] Appendix B: The DynaWeb Internet Server