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Table of contents for DynaWeb Publishers Guide

[+] Document Overview
1. Introduction to DynaWeb Publishing
Introduction to DynaWeb
What Does the DynaWeb Server Module Do?
[+] Publishing Existing DynaText Collections
[+] DynaText Web Publishing Process
[+] Tools for Creating DynaText Collections
[+] How Does DynaWeb Serve DynaText Books?
[+] Server and Browser Compatibility
Configuring DynaWeb to Specific Needs
[+] 2. Publishing DynaText Books Using DynaWeb
[+] 3. Overview of DynaWeb Configuration Files
[+] 4. Managing DynaWeb Collections
[+] 5. Modifying The DynaWeb Interface
[+] Appendix A: Glossary
[+] Appendix B: The DynaWeb Internet Server