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   Adding Collections to the DynaWeb Server Module   [Table of Contents]    The dwCollection Command

DynaWeb Publishers Guide

[-] 4. Managing DynaWeb Collections
[-] The dwCollectionList Command

The dwCollectionList Command


The dwCollectionList command lists the collections that will be served out by DynaWeb.


dwCollectionList {
  collection_alias    collection_location
  collection_alias    collection_location


dwCollectionList takes a list of name-value pairings: collection_alias and collection_location.


collection_alias is an alias for the collection. It will appear in the URL of any requests for that collection. The value of collection_alias cannot contain spaces, and as a result is limited to one word. Typically, you might use the directory name of the collection as the collection_alias. For example, a collection of sample books in the /pro/collections/sampdoc directory might be listed in the dwCollectionList command as:

dwCollectionList {
    sampdoc     /pro/collections/sampdoc


The collection_location parameter can have one of three values:

a collection filepath
List the absolute path to the collection.
mycoll /pro/dynaweb/collections/mycollection
a configuration file filepath
You can also point to other configuration files using the dwCollectionList command. Merely fill in the path to the configuration file you want DynaWeb to look in. Configuration files that are referenced through other configuration files are called nested configuration files.
mycoll /pro/dynaweb/collections/mycollection.dwc
A value of dwCollection means that the collection has to be further defined (with a dwCollection command). This is the most common value for collection_location, since the dwCollection command is the only place where the collection may be given a title. For more information on collection titles and the dwCollection command, see the section entitled "The dwCollection Command."
mycoll dwCollection

   Adding Collections to the DynaWeb Server Module   [Table of Contents]    The dwCollection Command