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   The dwCollectionList Command   [Table of Contents]    Grouping Collections in DynaWeb

DynaWeb Publishers Guide

[-] 4. Managing DynaWeb Collections
[-] The dwCollection Command

The dwCollection Command


If you need to provide additional information about a specific collection, use a dwCollection command.

Any collection whose location is specified in the dwCollectionList command as a dwCollection must be further defined using the dwCollection command. The syntax of the dwCollection command is described in the next section.


dwCollection collection_alias {
   title          "Title Of Collection"
   location       /absolute/path/to/collection
   type           collection_type
   encoding       collection_encoding 

The value of collection_alias must be the same as the value of the collection_alias parameter from the original dwCollectionList command.


dwCollection takes four parameters; title, location, type, and encoding. The only parameter that is required is location - the others are optional.


The title parameter allows the publisher to specify a name that is displayed when the collection title is requested. The title parameter is not limited to one word, and may be omitted if desired. The title must be surrounded by quotation marks. If a title is not specified, then the value of collection_alias in the dwCollectionList command is used in its place.


The location parameter defines the location of the target in the collection directory structure.

The value of the location parameter must be the absolute path to the collection or configuration file.


location    /usr/local/collections/mybooks

The path should end with the name of the collection directory.

If the dwCollection command is pointing to a configuration file, the path should end with the name of the configuration file.


location    /usr/local/collections/dynaweb.dwc

Nested configuration files are often used to group DynaText collections under a common identifier.

For more information on the purpose and contents of a nested configuration file, please see the "Grouping Collections In DynaWeb" section later in this chapter.


The type parameter allows publishers to distinguish between the two types of targets for the dwCollection parameter. Currently, the type can be only one of two values, either an EbtCollection or a DwConfigFile. An EbtCollection is a valid DynaText collection. A DwConfigFile identifies the target as a configuration file.


The encoding parameter is used for nested collections. It specifies the encoding of the .dwc file pointed to by the dwCollection parameter. It must be a valid encoding as specified by the pls.map file in the data directory of your installation.

   The dwCollectionList Command   [Table of Contents]    Grouping Collections in DynaWeb