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   Controlling the Server   [Table of Contents]    Server Processes

DynaWeb Publishers Guide

[-] Appendix B: The DynaWeb Internet Server
[-] Setting Authentication on the DynaWeb Internet Server

Setting Authentication on the DynaWeb Internet Server

Note: This information is required to successfully complete "Example 15: Adding Element-Level Security" in the Programmers Guide to Customizing DynaWeb.

To enable basic HTTP authentication for the DynaWeb Internet Server, you must edit the nsapi.cfg file, found in the data/config directory in your server installation. Find the line:

set autoconfig_authentication 0

and change it to read:

set autoconfig_authentication 1

This will enable authentication for the server. To complete authentication you must also establish a password file for the server to check for valid names and passwords. By default, the server looks for a file named sample.pwf in the data/config directory of your installation. However, you can specify both the filename and the default location by editing a line of the nsapi.cfg file. Search the nsapi.cfg file for sample.pwf. The section displayed should look like this:

if {$autoconfig_authentication} {
   AuthTrans fn="basic-ncsa" \
   userfile=$ServerRoot/data/config/sample.pwf \

In the line that starts "userfile=" change the filename or path to the one you want the DynaWeb Internet Server to search in order to validate an authentication request. The default name and location of the password file isdata/config/sample.pwf.

The syntax of the password file is straightforward: name:password, with each entry on its own line.

Sample sample.pwf:


If you are using a server besides the DynaWeb Internet Server, consult your server's documentation for instructions on setting up authentication.

   Controlling the Server   [Table of Contents]    Server Processes