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dwSetQueryExp [Table of Contents] dwSetQueryExpOptions

Tcl Reference Guide

[-] 1. The Extended Tcl Command Set
[-] Extended Tcl Command Set
[-] dwSetQueryExpConfigFile



dwSetQueryExpConfigFile path


Specifies the path to the query expansion configuration file. An invalid or missing path will return a Tcl error since the command syntax is incorrect.


The file system path to the query expansion configuration file.

Return Value


Configuration Default

The Tcl command will be used in the dynaweb.dwc configuration file. It can be modified by the publisher to specify the path to the query expansion configuration file on their server.

Hot Swapping Note: Since query enhancement objects are created at startup, re-used for every query DynaWeb performs, and then destroyed at shutdown, the location of the query-enhancement configuration file is set every time the server starts. In order to change the location or content of the query enhancement configuration file (as with any configuration file), the server will have to be restarted or the