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Rodgers & Hammerstein Archives of Recorded Sound Finding Aids

Adventures of Frank Merriwell Collection, 1946-1 947
Bell Telephone Hour Collection of Sound Recordings, 1940-1968
Berlin (Irving) Collection of Noncommercial Sound Recordings, 1933-1989
Bluestime Power Hour, 1997-1998
Burrows (Abe) Collection, 1946-1972
Claflin (Avery) Collection
Cowell (Henry) Collection
Diether (Jack) Collection of Sound Recordings, 1967-1984
Druckman (Jacob) Collection of Noncommercial Sound Recordings, 1950-2000
Finney (Ross Lee) Collection, 1938-1986
Howe (Mary) Sound Recording Collection, 1938-1960
Ito (Teiji) Collection, 1962-1982
Jacobi (Frederick) Collection of Noncommercial Recordings, 1935-1947
Jacobs (Paul) Collection of Noncommercial Materials, 1967-1983
Labunski (Felix) Collection, 1959-1972
Lawrence & Lee Collection, 1939-1966
Let's Go to the Opera Radio Broadcast Collection, 1946
Little Orchestra Society Concert Recordings, 1947-1971
Ludlam (Charles) and the Ridiculous Theatrical Company interview collection
Luening (Otto) Collection of Noncommercial Sound Recordings, (bulk 1950-1970)
McGuire (Mitch) Collection
National Orchestral Association Rehearsals and Concert Recordings, 1938-1968
New Dramatists Playwright Lecture Series, 1951-1960
Peerce (Jan) Collection of Sound Recordings and Video, 1938-1983
Persichetti (Vincent) Collection, 1945-1987
Ponselle (Rosa) Collection, 1926-1987
Reisman (Leo) Recordings, 1932-1948
Schillinger (Joseph) Collection, 1937-1951
Schuman (William) Collection, 1939-1994
Spilka (Bill) Jazz Videorecording Collection, 1988-2002
St. Cecilia Chorus Collection of Sound Recordings, 1967-
Taylor (Clarke) Interview Collection
Taylor (Deems) Collection, 1935-1954
Tracy (Lee) Collection, 1934-1964
Trinity Repertory Company Oral History Tapes, 1990-1991
Tucker (Sophie) private recordings collection, 1925-1953
Unger (Arthur) Interview Collection, 1965-1998
Wallowitch (John) Collection of Noncommercial Video Recordings, 1980- .
Williams (Tennessee) Collection, 1948
Wolf (William) Film & Theater Interview Collection, 1972-1998
Yours for a Song Collection of Noncommercial Video Recordings