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Jerome A. Robbins Dance Division Finding Aids

Alf (Fe) Papers, c.1928-c.1933.
Alum (Manuel) Papers, c.1970-1991.
American Association for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Records, 1931-1968
American Ballet Theatre Records, 1936-(ca. 1967).
American Ballet Theatre Scrapbooks, 1939-1966
Astruc (Gabriel) Papers
Ballet Foundation. Collection of Orchestral Scores and Parts.
Ballet International Records, 1915-1952
Barber (Charles) Dance Writings, 1984-1992.
Barker (Barbara) Papers, ca. 1833-1998
Baum (Morton) Records of the New York City Center, ca. 1948-1968.
Bennett (Isadora) Collection, 1940-72
Berk (Fred) Papers, 1911-1980.
Berman (Eugene) Stravinsky Festival Correspondence, 1971-72
Bettis (Valerie) Papers, ca. 1942-1982
Bliss (Anthony A.) Papers
Bolm (Adolph) Collection, ca. 1922-1983.
Bonfanti (Maria) Papers, 1868-1917
Bonfanti (Marie) Collection
Bournonville Family Correspondence in the Kongelige Bibliotek, Kobenhavn
Brainard (Ingrid) Papers, 1890 - 2000
Butler (John) Papers, 1918-1992
Caccialanza (Gisella) Collection, ca. 1926-1972
Chamie (Tatiana) Papers, 1926-1950
Chase (Lucia) Papers, ca. 1899 - 1982
Chicago Allied Arts, Inc. Records, 1922-1929
Code (Grant Hyde) Papers, 1936-1941
Cohen (Selma Jeanne) International Encyclopedia of Dance Records, 1964-1995
Cohen (Selma Jeanne) Papers Relating to Dance Perspectives, 1959-1976
Cohen (Selma Jeanne) Papers Relating to Teaching and Critical Writing Projects, 1965-1973
Cohen (Selma Jeanne) Papers, 1942-1993
Cook (Ray) Papers, 1951-1986
Craig (Edward Gordon) Papers Relating to Isadora Duncan, 1905-c.1952
Craig-Duncan Collection
Cuevas (Marquis Georges de) Letters to Sophie Kochanski, 1936-1955
Dance Chronicle Papers, 1959-1994 (Bulk Dates 1988-1992)
Darom (Ari) Papers
de Mille (Agnes), 1905-Collection, ca. 1914-1984.
De Mille (Agnes). Correspondence and writings, 1871-1993
De Mille (Agnes). Early drafts and papers relating to Martha: The Life and Work of Martha Graham.
De Mille (Agnes). Honors and Awards, 1977-1992.
De Mille (Agnes). Papers, 1918-
Deakin (Irving) Correspondence, 1934-1957
Deakin (Irving) Papers, ca. 1934 - ca. 1955
Dehn (Mura) Papers on Afro-American Social Dance, ca. 1869-1987
Delza (Sophia) Papers, 1908-1996
Denham (Sergei) Records of the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, ca. 1936 - 1978
Diaghilev (Serge) Correspondence, ca.1918-1929
Diaghilev (Sergei Pavlovich) Papers, 1910-1929
Documents relating to copyright of music scores for ballets of Giuseppe Rota, 1857-1904
Doubrovska (Felia) Papers (c.1919-1981)
Dougherty (John) Collection, 1904-1988
Duncan (Irma) Collection of Isadora Duncan Materials
Duncan (Irma) Music Scores
Duncan (Irma) Papers, 1905-1977
Duncan (Jeff) Papers relating to Dance Theater Workshop, 1963-1990
Duncan (Jeff) Papers, 1930 - 1989
Ekstrom (Parmenia Migel) Collection of Autograph Letters of 19th Century Ballet Notables, 1806-1 907
Englund (Richard), 1931-1991. Papers, 1931-1990.
Enters (Angna) Correspondence
Enters (Angna) Letters to Edward L. Berman, 1933-1946
Enters (Angna) Papers 1920-1989 (Bulk dates ca. 1930-1973)
Eye on Dance Records, 1966-1995
Farrah (Ibrahim) Papers, 1895-1998
Fedorova (Alexandra) Papers, 1930-1970
Fehl (Fred) Correspondence, 1940-1984
Fernandez (Royes), 1929-1980. Papers, ca. 1942-1982.
Fokin (Mikhail Mikhailovich), 1880-1942 Papers, 1914-1941
Foreman (Laura) Papers, 1957-1999
Frampton, Eleanor. Papers, 1920-1971.
Fuller (Loie) Collection, 1914-1928
Fuller (Loie) Papers, 1892-1913
Genth (Arnold) Correspondence and writings, 1928-1942
Goslar (Lotte) Papers, 1923-1997
Graff, Marjorie S., collector. Stravinsky and the dance, 1957-1982
Graff, Robert D. Collection of materials on Noah and the Flood, 1959-1986
Graham (Martha) Center of Dance Records, 1944-1955
Grassi (Amata B.) Papers, 1878-1971
Greco (José) Graphics Materials, 1900-1985
Greco (José) Professional and personal papers
Gruen, John, collector. John Gruen collection of his articles and background materials, 1969-1991
Hadassah Papers 1938-1988
Hayward, Leland, 1902-1971. Records of Ballets: U.S.A. (Company), ca. 1956-1962
Holm (Hanya) Papers, 1803-1984 (bulk 1931-1980)
Holt, Claire, 1901-1970. Papers, ca. 1928-1970
Horst (Louis) Collection, 1884-1964
Horst, Louis, 1884-1964. Papers, 1935-1964
Humphrey (Doris) Collection 1811-1952
Humphrey, Doris, 1895-1958. Letters, 1898-1941
Humphrey, Doris, 1985-1957. Papers. ca. 1925-1957
Hunter College. Dance Therapy Program. Resource Materials on Dance Therapy.
Hutchinson, Ann. Papers, ca., 1948-1961
Ismailoff (Sergei) Papers. 1929-1947
Joel (Lydia) Papers, 1906-1993 (Bulk Dates 1973-1993)
Johnson, Raymond. Papers, 1964-1968, 1978-1980
Jose Limon Dance Foundation, Inc. Records, 1966-2002 (Bulk dates 1980-1993)
King (Eleanor) Papers, 1916-1991, [Bulk dates 1951-1991]
King, Eleanor, 1906-1991. Letters to Grace Stevenson, 1977-1986
King, Kenneth. Papers, 1964-1981
Kirstein, Lincoln, 1907- Papers, ca. 1914-1991
Kirstein, Lincoln, 1907-Papers, ca. 1913-1994.
Kochno (Boris) Fonds
Koner (Pauline) Papers, 1905 - 2000
Laing, Hugh, 1911-1988. Papers, c.1943-1988
Lawrence, Pauline. Pauline Lawrence Limon Collection
Leslie, Caird Papers, 1915-65
Lewitan, Joseph D. Joseph D. Lewitan and Eugenia Eduardova Collection
Libidins, David, c.1899-1958. Papers, ca. 1936-1958
Lifar (Serge) Letters to Diaghilev
Limón (José and Pauline Lawrence) Photograph files
Limon, Jose, 1908-1972. Papers, ca. 1927-1972.
Lippincott, Gertrude Lawton. Papers, 1943-ca. 1990
Litz, Katherine, 1912-1978. Papers, 1901-1979
Loring, Eugene, 1911-1982. Papers, ca. 1938-1981.
MacDougall (Allan Ross) Collection, 1922-1956
Madison (Maud) Papers, 1884-c.1945
Maine Folk Dance Camp. Dance instructions and sheet music, ca1953-ca1986.
Malinka (Bella) Papers, 1950-1993 and Undated
Maracci, Carmelita, 1911-1987. Papers, 1924-1988.
Massine, Leonide, 1896-1979. Papers, ca. 1932-1968 (bulk 1940-1955)
Master's theses and case studies 1972-1996
Michel, Artur, 1883-1946. Papers, 1934-1956.
Moore (Lillian) Papers
Moore, Lillian, 1911-1967. Lillian Moore Dance Research Files.
Mordkin, Mikhail Mikhailovich, 1880-1944 Papers, ca. 1885-1979
Muller, Hazel Lockwood. Papers. 1910-1954.
Nathanson, Lucile Brahms. Papers, 1954-1974.
National Association for Regional Ballet Records
Neighborhood Playhouse. Scenarios, 1914-1931.
New York City Ballet Records, 1934 - 1976
Nureyev (Rudolf) photographic scrapbooks Gable, Robert Burns, collector ca. 1956-1993
Page (Ruth) Collection 1918-1970
Page, Ruth, 1899-1991. Papers. 1956-1965
Paget-Fredericks, Joseph Rous, 1903-1963. Papers, 1920-60
Photographic negatives of dancers and dance companies 1944-1961
Photographic prints of dancers and dance companies 1944-1961
Pinska (Klarna) Papers, 1919-1986
Plisetskaya (Maya) Papers, 1956-1990
Popular Balanchine Dossiers, 1927-2004 (bulk 1927-1962)
Robbins (Jerome) Papers, 1930 - 2001
Robbins (Jerome) Photographs, ca. 1890-1990
Rochon (Valerie) Papers, 1973-2000
Roslavleva, Natalia, pseud, comp. Isadora Duncan: reviews and materials relating primarily to her performances in St. Petersburg and Moscow, 1904-05.
Royal Academy of Dancing, London. Records, 1916-1967 (bulk 1933-1955).
Russell (Nina) Papers, 1947-1972
Schonberg (Bessie) Papers, 1932-1997 and undated
Scott (Judith) Papers, 1954-1981
Scott, Marion, comp. Letters to Marion Scott, 1944-1963
Sears (David) Papers, 1937-1992 Bulk dates 1972-1986
Segal (Edith) Papers, 1920-1997
Shawn (Ted) Papers, 1913-1982 [Bulk Dates 1940-1972]
Shawn, Ted Letters to Barton Mumaw 1940-1971
Shawn, Ted, 1891-1972. Ted Shawn Collection
Sherman, Jane, 1908 -. Papers, 1925-1982.
Smakov, Gennady, 1940[?]-1988. Draft, notes for biography of Marius Petipa
Sorell (Walter) Research Files on Mary Wigman, 1927-1976 and undated
Spessivtzeva (Olga) collection and letters, 1949-1991
St. Denis (Ruth) Letters, ca. 1914-1959
St. Denis (Ruth) Papers, ca. 1915-1958
Stodelle (Ernestine) Correspondence, 1945-1975
Stornant, Vic. Papers, 1975-1983.
Strauss (Sara Mildred) Papers, 1905-1977
Taglioni (Fonds) (Bibliotheque Nationale, Opera) R1-R14, R16-R87
Tamiris, Helen, 1905-1966. Helen Tamiris Collection, ca. 1936-1966.
Ter-Arutunian (Rouben) Design Portfolios, 1925-1991 (bulk 1952-1986)
Todd, Arthur The Arthur Todd Collection of Typescripts, 1948-53
Toscanini, Walter, 1893-1971. Papers Relating to Guglielmo Ebreo Manuscript, 1934-1967
Trisler, Joyce, 1934-1979. Papers, 1950-1979.
Tudor, Antony, 1908-1987. Papers, 1908-1987
Van Loon, Gerard Willem. Papers, 1932-68.
Weidman (Charles) Papers
Weidman (Charles) Papers, 1908-1975
Weidman (Charles) School of Modern Dance, Inc. Records, 1918-1975 [Bulk dates 1967-1972]
Weissmuller, Donald. Papers, 1952-1978.
Wexler (Peter) Papers, 1975-1995
Wigman, Mary, 1886-1973. Letters to Margaret Gage, 1947-1973.
Wigman, Mary, 1886-1973. Letters to Walter Sorell, 1964-73.
Wigman, Mary, 1886-Letters, 1932-69.
Winslow (Miriam) ca. 1931-1950
Wolfe (Katharine) Papers, 1912-1972
Zahn (Anita) professional and personal papers, c. 1920-1991