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115th Street Branch Records, 1908-2000
125th Street Branch Records, 1904-2000
67th Street Branch Records, 1905-1993
96th Street Branch Records, 1905-1995
Adams (Benjamin) Records, 1909-1918
Adams (Thomas Boylston) Journal, 1798
Agnew (George Bliss) papers, 1882-1925
Aguilar Branch Records, 1912-1996
AIDS Activist Videotape Collection, 1983-2000
AIDS and Adolescents Network of New York Records, 1987-1999
Albee (Edward) Papers, ca. 1945-1964
Alfange (Dean) Papers, 1927-1988
Allerton Branch Records, 1956-1996
American Scenic and Historic Preservation Society Records, 1895-1971
Anderson (Edwin Hatfield) Records, 1913-1934
Andrew Heiskell Braille and Talking Book Library Records Records, 1912-1996
Anspacher (Louis K.) Papers, 1903-1960
Ashmore (Grace Eulalie Matthews) Papers, 1896-1972
Astor Library Records, 1839-1911
Austen (Roger) Papers, 1977-1984
Bakeless (John Edwin) Papers, 1913-1977
Barrus (Clara) Papers, 1906-1931
Bartholdi (Frederic Auguste) papers, 1871
Beals (Ralph A.) Records, 1946-1954
Behrman (S. N.) Papers, 1912-1987
Belmont Branch Records, 1982-1992
Berg (Copy) Papers, 1890s-1998
Billings (John Shaw) Records, 1885-1915
Blakely (David) Papers, 1880-1931
Bloomingdale Branch Records, 1899-1986
Bond Street Branch Records, 1899-1918
Boniface and Jones Family Papers, 1828-1902
Books & Co. Records, 1978-1997
Bostwick (Elmore) Records, 1901-1909
Boultenhouse (Charles) and Parker Tyler Papers, 1927-1994
Briggs (Alanson T.) Records, 1901-1913 (bulk 1901-1910)
Burgess Family Papers, 1794-1929
Burnside (R.H.) Papers, 1893-1949
Capote (Truman) Papers, c. 1924-1984
Casselman (William A.) Papers, 1925-2000
Castle Hill Branch Records, 1961-1987
Catalog Preservation Project Records, 1942-1983
Central Circulation Branch Records, 1911-1970
Century Company Records, 1871-1924
Chatham Square Branch Records, 1899-2001
City Club of New York Records, 1896-1925
City Island Branch Records, 1970-1995
Cockran (William Bourke) Papers, 1881-1924
Cohn (Fannia) Papers, 1914-1962
Columbus Branch Records, 1916-1990
Cory (John Mackenzie) Records, 1929-1984 (bulk 1952-1978)
Cory (John Mackenzie) Records, 1949-1963
Day (Clarence) Papers, 1796-1993
Deutsch (Babette) Papers, ca. 1880s-1982
Dillingham (Charles Bancroft) Papers, 1903-1931
Donaldson (Stephen) Papers, 1965-1996
Dongan Hills Branch Records, 1957-1992
Donnell Library Center Records, 1924-1996
Drama League of America Records, 1910-1931
Dransfield (Jane) Papers, 1917-1945
Duberman (Martin B.) Papers, 1917-1997
Dunlap (David W.) Papers, 1993-1999
Eastchester Branch Records, 1956-1986
Edenwald Branch Records, 1973-1989
Epiphany Branch Records, 1907-1989
Field (William B. Osgood) Papers, 1610-1952, n.d.
Ford (Paul Leicester) Papers, 1870-1902
Fordham Library Center Records, 1923-1991
Fort Washington Branch Records, 1914-1999
Francis Martin Branch Records, 1946-1990
Free Circulating Libraries Records, 1880-1952
Freehafer (Edward Geier) Records, 1948-1971
Frohman (Charles) Letterpress Copybooks, 1898-1923
Frooks (Dorothy) Papers, 1913-1990 bulk (1960-1990)
Gabrial (Jan) Papers, 1932-1940
Gabriel (Gilbert W.) Papers, 1906-1952
Gay Activists Alliance Records, 1970-1983
Godfrey (Jean) Records, 1946-1970
Gollobin (Ira) Papers, 1945-1990
Grand Concourse Branch Records, 1959-1989
Great Kills Branch Records, 1925-1981
Gress (Edmund G.) Papers, 1915 - 1934
Grillo (Rudy) Sound Recordings, 1970-1989
Griswold Family Letters, 1862-1879
Grumbach (Doris) Papers, 1938-2002
Hale (Swinburne) Papers, 1901-1924
Hamburger (Philip) Papers, 1924-1999
Hamilton Fish Park Branch Records, 1909-1990
Hamilton Grange Branch Records Records, 1905-1995
Hansen Family Papers, 1942-1946
Hardy (Robin) Papers, 1964-2001
Harlem Branch Records, 1909-2004
Harrigan (Edward) Papers, 1870-1908
Harris (William Jr.) Papers, 1914-1934
Henderson (James W.) Records, 1929-1998
Hertzberg (Sidney) Papers, 1924-1984
High Bridge Branch Records, 1908-2001
Holbrook (Florence) Scrapbooks, 1897-1932
Homans Family Papers, 1850-1938
Hopper (Franklin F.) Records, 1923-1940
Hopper (Franklin F.) Records, 1940-1946
Hudson Park Branch Records, 1905-1980
Hunt's Point Branch Records, 1929-1987
International Committee for Political Prisoners Records, 1918-1942
Inwood Branch Records, 1925-2000
Jackson (William Henry) Papers, 1862-1942
Jackson Square Branch Records, 1948-2000
Jacob A. Riis Neighborhood Settlement Records, 1891-1990
Jameelah (Maryam) Papers, 1945-2000
Javitz (Romana) Papers, 1923-1980
Jefferson Market Branch Records, 1967-1996
Johnston (Esther) Records, 1940-1951
Jordan (Elizabeth Garver) Papers, 1891-1947
Katscher (Leopold and Berta) Papers, 1866-1939
Kelley (Florence) Papers, 1836-1932
Kelley (Nicholas) Papers, 1861-1967
Kingsbridge Branch Records, 1905-1999
Kips Bay Branch Records, 1972-1975
Kohlbach-Bickel Family Papers, 1860-1952
Koppanyi (Theodore) Papers, 1910-1930
Lazarus (Frieda Langer) Papers, 1927-1950
Leckie (Katherine) Papers, 1914-1925
Lenox (James) Papers, 1818-1941
Lenox Library Records, 1866-1915
Levy (Richard John) and Sweet (Sally Waldman) Collection, 1766-1935
Liebman (Marvin) Papers, 1990 - 1996
Lloyd (Lola Maverick) Papers, 1856-1949
Lockhart (Dorothy) Papers, 1922-1957
Logan (Andy) Papers, 1923-2000
Lydenberg (Harry Miller) Records, 1926-1970 (bulk 1926-1944)
Lydenberg, Hopper and Beals General Correspondence, 1926-1957
Macomb's Bridge Branch Records, 1955-1979
Manford (Jeanne) Papers, 1972-1995
Mansfield (Richard) Family Papers, 1856-1940
Marion (Kitty) Papers, 1908-1939, n.d.
Mattachine Society, Inc. of New York. Records, 1951-1976
Maverick family papers, 1780-1985
Melcourt Branch Records, 1953-1975
Melrose Branch Records, 1914-1989
Mendelssohn (Eleanora) Papers, 1880-1949
Metcalf (Keyes DeWitt) Records, 1929-1937
Montague Collection of Historical Autographs, ca. 1600 - 1950
Moore (Anne Carroll) Papers, 1898-1960
Morningside Heights Branch Records, 1963-1996
Morrisania Branch Records, 1908-1990
Mosholu Branch Records, 1954-1984
Mott Haven Branch Records, 1905-2001
Muhlenberg Branch Records, 1906-1997
Mumford (Ethel Watts) Papers, 1900-1934
Municipal Reference Library Records, 1911-1970
Myers (Theodorus Bailey) Collection, 1542-1876
National Civic Federation Records, 1894-1949
Neighborhood Playhouse Records, 1904-1937
New Dorp Branch Records, 1909-1992
New Theatre League Records, ca. 1932-1942
New York Public Library Archives Artifacts and Memorabilia Collection, ca. 1896-2001
New York Public Library Archives Visual Materials, 1875-1990s
New York Public Library Board of Trustees Founding Members Records, 1895-1930
New York Public Library Board of Trustees Secretary Records, 1895-1928
New York Public Library Building Superinendent Records, 1911-1920
New York Public Library Bursar's Office Records, 1911-1950
New York Public Library Business Superintendent Records, 1897-1909
New York Public Library Committee Records, 1905-1990
New York Public Library Library School Records, 1911-1932
New York Public Library Medical Officer Records, 1911-1912
New York Typographical Union No. 6 Records, 1829-1988
O'Connor (Jessie Lloyd) Papers, 1909-1983
Orderly Book of the Louisiana 7th Regiment, 1862 Oct. 2-1864 Jan. 22
Ostvold (Harald) Records, 1958-1963
Ottendorfer Branch Records, 1924-1997
Parkchester Branch Records, 1942-1985
Pelham Bay Branch Records, 1975-1988
Pene du Bois (William) Papers, 1940s - 1970s
People's Institute Records, 1883-1933
Phelps (John Wolcott) Papers, 1833-1884
Philipp (Rudolph) Papers on Raoul Wallenberg, 1933-1947
Pickett (Harold) Papers, 1965-1988
Picture Collection Records, 1896-1999
Pierre F. Simon Collection of Artists' Letters, 1787-1978
Plant (Richard) Papers, 1916-1998
Playwrights' Producing Company. Press Department Records, 1930s-1960
Powys (Katie) Letters to Elizabeth Wade White, 1938-1954
Prince's Bay Branch Records, 1964-1984
Readers' Adviser Records, 1932-1970
Regler (Gustav) Letters to Mary Maverick Lloyd, 1939-1959
Rice (Paul North) Records, 1938-1953
Riker (James) Papers, 1660-1989
Riverdale Branch Records, 1955-1985
Riverside Branch Records, 1942-1992
Robbins (John Jacob) Papers, 1893-1953
Rogers (Rutherford D.) Records, 1921-1957
Ruggles (Samuel B.) Papers, 1801-1881
Russell (Annie) Papers, 1874-1941
Sanders (Ronald) Papers, 1951-1994
Sayre (Joel) Papers, 1918-1979
Sayre (Nora) Papers, 1940-2001
Schieffelin Family Papers, 1756-1907
Schulson (Hyman) Papers, 1942-1957
Schurgast (Margarete) Papers, 1918-1945
Sedgwick Branch Records, 1951-1995
Seward Park Branch Records, 1890-1989
Soundview Branch Records, 1967-1987
South Beach Branch Records, 1950-1978
Spuyten Duyvil Branch Records, 1971-1988
St. George Branch Records, 1907-1989
St. John (Francis R.) 1942-1946
Stambolian (George) Papers, 1955-1992
Stanley (Edmund A., Jr.) Collection relating to Bowne & Co., c. 1774-1995
Stanton (Robert Brewster) Papers, 1851-1960
Stapleton Branch Records, 1907-1987
Stratemeyer Syndicate Records, 1832-1984
Strong (Lester Q.) Papers, 1941-2001
Superintendent of Training Records, 1901-1933
Taintor (Edward C.) Papers, 1839-1879
Terence Cardinal Cooke-Cathedral Branch Records, 1946-1981
Throg's Neck Branch Records, 1954-1990
Tilden Trust Records, 1886-1938
Todt Hill-Westerleigh Branch Records, 1961-1986
Tompkins Square Branch Records, 1904-2004
Toohey (Francis) Papers, 1978-1988
Tremont Branch Records, 1904-1990
Typophiles, Inc. Records, 1914-1996
United China Relief records, 1928-1947
United States History, Local History and Genealogy Division Records, ca. 1900-1987
United States Sanitary Commission. Washington Hospital Directory Archives, 1862-1866
Upjohn (Richard and Richard Michell) Papers, 1839-1914
Van Cortlandt Branch Records, 1958-1989
Van Dresser-Norman Papers, 1895-1956
Van Druten (John) Papers, 1920-1957
Van Nest Branch Records, 1945-1987
Vollmer (Ruth and Hermann )Collection, 1600s-1959
Vreeland (Diana) Papers, 1899-2000
Wakefield Branch Records, 1938-1991
Wald (Lillian D.) Papers, 1889-1957
Walsh (Townsend) Papers, 1763-1935
Ward Family Papers, 1870-1953
Warner (Sylvia Townsend) Papers, 1937-1977
Washington Heights Branch Records, 1914-1995
Webster Branch Records, 1904-2001
West New Brighton Branch Records, 1932-1987
Westchester Square Branch Records, 1937-1985
Wilder (Alec) Collection, 1939-1995
Women's Action Coalition Records, 1991-1997
Woodstock Branch Records, 1913-1989
Yaddo Records, 1870-1980
Yorkville Branch Records, 1954-1987