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115th Street Branch Records, 1908-2000
125th Street Branch Records, 1904-2000
67th Street Branch Records, 1905-1993
96th Street Branch Records, 1905-1995
A'Becket Family Diaries and Prompt Books, 1840-1890
Abbey Theatre Records, 1910-1938
Abdoh (Reza) Collection of Papers, 1983-1995
Abel (Walter) Papers, 1900-1976
Abercrombie (Lascelles) collection of papers, 1911-1939
Ackerley (Joe Randolph) collection of papers, 1919-1969
Adair (Jean) Papers, 1914-1929
Adams (Benjamin) Records, 1909-1918
Adams (Maude) Collection, 1879-1956
Adams (Thomas Boylston) Journal, 1798
Adele Theatre records, 1919-1922.
Adventures of Frank Merriwell Collection, 1946-1947
Affelder (Paul) Papers, 1930-1975
Agee (James) collection of papers, 1933-[1952]
Agnew (George Bliss) papers, 1882-1925
Aguilar Branch Records, 1912-1996
AIDS Activist Videotape Collection, 1983-2000
AIDS and Adolescents Network of New York Records, 1987-1999
AIDS Theatre Project Records, 1987-2003
Aiken (Conrad) collection of papers, 1913-1963
Ainsworth (William Harrison) collection of papers, [1836]-1889
Albee (Edward) Papers, ca. 1945-1964
Albee (Edward) Scripts
Alcott (Louisa May) collection of papers, 1865-1884
Aldington (Richard) collection of papers, 1914-1962
Alf (Fe) Papers, c.1928-c.1933.
Alfange (Dean) Papers, 1927-1988
Allerton Branch Records, 1956-1996
Alum (Manuel) Papers, c.1970-1991.
AMAS Musical Theatre Production Files, 1978-1992
American Association for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Records, 1931-1968
American Ballet Theatre Records, 1936-(ca. 1967).
American Ballet Theatre Scrapbooks, 1939-1966
American Broadsides Collection
American Negro Theatre Records, 1940-1949, 1981
American Negro Theatre Scrapbook, 1945-1947
American Play Company Records, 1924-1934
American Scenic and Historic Preservation Society Records, 1895-1971
American Stage Design slides, 1850-1950
Ames (Winthrop) Papers, 1908-1931
Anderson (Edwin Hatfield) Records, 1913-1934
Anderson (Margaret C.) collection of papers, [1918-1973]
Anderson (Maxwell) collection of papers, 1925-1926
Anderson (Sherwood) collection of papers, 1922-1943
Andrew Heiskell Braille and Talking Book Library Records Records, 1912-1996
Andrews (Ann) Papers, 1918-1963
Anglin (Florence) Papers, 1938-2002
Ansen (Alan) collection of papers, 1942-1953
Anspacher (Louis K.) Papers, 1903-1960
Anspacher (Louis Kaufman) collection of papers, 1912-1924
Anthony (Michael) Papers, 1957-1984
Antoon (A.J.) Papers
Appleton (William) Collection of Theatrical Correspondence and Ephemera, 1697-1930
Arden-Peerless Papers, 1886-1910
Arlen (Michael) collection of papers, 1921-[1953]
Arnold (Matthew) collection of papers, 1857-1888
Arnstein (Arnold) Collection, [ca. 1950-1989]
Aronson (Boris) Papers and Designs, 1923-2000
Asbury United Methodist Church Records, 1836-1986
Ashmore (Grace Eulalie Matthews) Papers, 1896-1972
Astor Library Records, 1839-1911
Astruc (Gabriel) Papers
Atherton (Gertrude Franklin Horn) collection of papers, 1893-1925
Atkinson (Brooks) Papers
Atlas (James) collection of papers, [1976]-1997
Auden (W. H.) collection of papers, 1809-1979 bulk (1927-1973)
Auerbach (Alfred) Letters received by, Sept. 8 - Dec. 13, 1912
Austen (Roger) Papers, 1977-1984
Avshalomov (Jacob) Scores, 1928-2001
Bakeless (John Edwin) Papers, 1913-1977
Balbo (Giuseppe Cesare) Papers, 1903-1956
Balderston (John L.) Papers, 1915-1950
Baldwin (Samuel) Scores, [ca. 1880-1942]
Ballet Foundation. Collection of Orchestral Scores and Parts.
Ballet International Records, 1915-1952
Baral (Robert) Papers, 1876-1980
Barber (Charles) Dance Writings, 1984-1992.
Barham (Richard Harris) collection of papers, [1798?]-1930 bulk ([1827?]-1845)
Barker (Barbara) Papers, ca. 1833-1998
Barker (Margaret) Papers, ca. 1800s-1989
Barnes (Kay) Papers, 1903-1972
Barr (Richard) - Clinton Wilder Papers, 1935-1982
Barrus (Clara) Papers, 1906-1931
Barstow (Richard and Edith) Papers, ca. 1907-1980
Barstow (Richard) Papers, 1927-1977 and Undated; (Bulk Dates 1940-1977)
Bartholdi (Frederic Auguste) papers, 1871
Basch (Buddy) Joke Files
Baum (Morton) Records of the New York City Center, ca. 1948-1968.
Bauman (Mordecai) Papers, 1930-1952
Bay (Howard) Designs and Technical Drawings, 1934-1985
Beach (John Parsons) scores
Beals (Ralph A.) Records, 1946-1954
Beam (Joseph F.) Papers, 1967-1990
Bearden (Bessye B.) Papers, 1922-1944
Bearden (Romare) Papers, 1933-1979
Beardsley (Aubrey) collection of papers, [1893]-1898
Becker (John J.) Papers, 1897-1991
Beerbohm (Max) collection of papers, 1878-1964 bulk (1909-1957)
Behrman (S. N.) Papers, 1912-1987
Belasco (David) Papers, 1868-1967
Bell Telephone Hour Collection of Sound Recordings, 1940-1968
Belloc (Hilaire) collection of papers, 1897-1950
Belmont Branch Records, 1982-1992
Bendiner (Alfred) Caricatures and Related Papers, 1929-1992
Bennett (Arnold) collection of papers, 1881-1955 bulk (1894-1953)
Bennett (George W.) Manuscript
Bennett (Gwendolyn) Papers, 1916-1981
Bennett (Isadora) Collection, 1940-72
Bennett (Isadora) Papers, 1945-1966
Benney (Robert) Original Drawings, 1926-1942
Benney (Robert) Research Materials, 1926-1978
Berezowsky (Nicolai) Scores, [ca. 1916 - ca. 1953]
Berg (Copy) Papers, 1890s-1998
Berger (Arthur) Papers, 1905-2004 (bulk dates 1930-2003)
Berk (Fred) Papers, 1911-1980.
Berkowitz (Gerald) Transcripts of New Broadways Interviews, 1995-1996
Berlin (Irving) Collection of Noncommercial Sound Recordings, 1933-1989
Berman (Eugene) Stravinsky Festival Correspondence, 1971-72
Berne (Mildred) Portraits, ca. 1927-1939
Berry (Isaac Reed) Papers, 1931-1975
Berry (Llewellyn L.) Collection, 1900-1954
Bert Bertram Scrapbooks, 1915-1984
Besoyan (Rick) Papers, 1940-1986
Bettis (Valerie) Papers, ca. 1942-1982
Beyer (Johanna Magdalena) scores, [1931-1943]
Billings (John Shaw) Records, 1885-1915
Bingham (Seth) Scores, 1920 - 1953
Binns (L.J.) Caricatures
Biscardi (Chester) Papers, 1985 - 1987
Black (Joseph) Papers, 1961-1977
Black Academy of Arts and Letters (Records), 1968-1980
Black Nativity files, 1961-1980
Black Panther Party. Harlem Branch Collection, 1970, n.d.
Blacks in the Railroad Industry Collection, 1946-1954
Blakely (David) Papers, 1880-1931
Bliss (Anthony A.) Papers
Bloomingdale Branch Records, 1899-1986
Bluestime Power Hour, 1997-1998
Boatner (Edward) Papers, 1941-1980
Bohnen (Roman) Papers, 1918-1976
Bolm (Adolph) Collection, ca. 1922-1983.
Bond Street Branch Records, 1899-1918
Bonfanti (Maria) Papers, 1868-1917
Bonfanti (Marie) Collection
Boniface and Jones Family Papers, 1828-1902
Books & Co. Records, 1978-1997
Booth-Grossman Family Papers, 1840-1953
Bostwick (Elmore) Records, 1901-1909
Bosworth (Patricia) Papers, 1932 - 1984 and Undated (Bulk Dates 1948 - 1980)
Boultenhouse (Charles) and Parker Tyler Papers, 1927-1994
Bournonville Family Correspondence in the Kongelige Bibliotek, Kobenhavn
Bowman (Betty) Ephemera
Boyle (Kay) collection of papers, 1925-1988 bulk (1952-1986)
Bragg (George Freeman) Manuscripts
Brainard (Ingrid) Papers, 1890 - 2000
Braithwaite (William Stanley) Papers, 1902-1976
Braun (Edith Evans) Collection, 1916-1971
Brent (Romney) Papers, 1934-1975
Briggs (Alanson T.) Records, 1901-1913 (bulk 1901-1910)
Brinker (Una Abell) Papers, 1895-1952
Brisson (Frederick) Papers, 1934-1984
Bromberg (J. Edward) Papers, 1924-1951
BrontŰ (Emily) collection of papers, 1832-1848
Brooke (Rupert) collection of papers, [1905]-[1937] bulk (1912-1929).
Brown (Egbert Ethelred) Papers, 1908-1964
Brown (Thomas P.) Papers, 1934-1982
Browne (Robert S.) Papers, 1957-1995
Browning (Elizabeth Barrett) collection of papers, 1764-[1973] bulk (1812-1883).
Browning (Robert) collection of papers, [1835?]-1933 bulk ([1835?]-1889)
Bryant (Nana) Papers, 1917-1955
Buchman (Herman), 1939-1990
Bunche (Ralph J.) Papers, 1922-1988
Bunton (Henry C.) Papers, 1871-1989
Burgess Family Papers, 1794-1929
Burke (Kenneth) collection of papers, 1922-1983 bulk (1922-1973).
Burney (Frances) d'Arblay collection of papers, 1653-1894 bulk (1775-1839)
Burns (Eileen) Papers, 1928-1994
Burnside (R.H.) Papers, 1893-1949
Burrows (Abe) Collection, 1946-1972
Burrows (Abe) Papers, 1904-1993
Butler (John) Papers, 1918-1992
Byron (Baron), George Gordon Byron collection of papers, 1805-1969 bulk (1805-1922).
Caccialanza (Gisella) Collection, ca. 1926-1972
Campbell (Patton) Designs, 1948-1995
Capote (Truman) Papers, c. 1924-1984
Captain Kangaroo Scripts, 1959-1964
Carle (Richard) papers, 1900-1941.
Carrington (Elaine) Papers, 1903-1959
Carrington (Glenn) Papers, 1921-1971
Casselman (William A.) Papers, 1925-2000
Castle Hill Branch Records, 1961-1987
Catalog Preservation Project Records, 1942-1983
Caubaye (Suzanne) Papers, 1919-1979
Central Circulation Branch Records, 1911-1970
Century Company Records, 1871-1924
Cetra-Soria Collection, 1946-1954
Chamberlain and Lyman Brown Theater Diaries, 1909 - 1914
Chamie (Tatiana) Papers, 1926-1950
Champlain (Helene) Papers, 1932-1969
Chase (Gilbert) Papers, 1920 - 1992
Chase (Lucia) Papers, ca. 1899 - 1982
Chatham Square Branch Records, 1899-2001
Chavez (Carlos) Correspondence and Scores, [1907-1979]
Chayefsky (Paddy) Papers, 1907-1998 [Bulk dates 1952-1981]
Cheever (John)collection of papers, 1942-1982
Cheshire (John) Papers, 1853 - 1945 and undated
Chesnokov (Alexander) Papers, 1899-1962
Chesson (Wilfrid Hugh) collection of papers, 1893-1946
Chesterton (Gilbert Keith) collection of papers, [1895?]-1935
Chicago Allied Arts, Inc. Records, 1922-1929
Churchill (Sir Winston) collection of papers, [1898?]-1954 bulk (1910-1954)
Chute (Susan) Papers, 1985-1996
Circle Repertory Company Records, 1965-1996
City Club of New York Records, 1896-1925
City Island Branch Records, 1970-1995
City Symphony Orchestra of New York Records, 1927-1971
Claflin (Avery) Collection
Claflin (Avery) Scores, 1929 - 1979
Clarke (Catherine) Civil Rights Collection, 1936-1969 (bulk 1966-1969)
Clemens (Samuel Langhorne) collection of papers, 1856-1938 bulk (1870-1938)
Clift (Montgomery) Papers, 1933-1966
Clipping Files (Subjects), [ca. 1895-]
Clurman (Harold) Papers
Coalition of Black Trade Unionists Collection, 1972-1988
Cockran (William Bourke) Papers, 1881-1924
Code (Grant Hyde) Papers, 1936-1941
Cohen (Alexander H.) Papers, 1880, [Bulk Dates ca. 1938 - 2003]
Cohen (Selma Jeanne) International Encyclopedia of Dance Records, 1964-1995
Cohen (Selma Jeanne) Papers Relating to Dance Perspectives, 1959-1976
Cohen (Selma Jeanne) Papers Relating to Teaching and Critical Writing Projects, 1965-1973
Cohen (Selma Jeanne) Papers, 1942-1993
Cohn (Fannia) Papers, 1914-1962
Coleridge (Samuel Taylor) collection of papers,1791-1894 bulk (1798-1838)
Collins (Christianne C.) Collection of the West Harlem Coalition for Morningside Park and Ur ban Problems of the Contiguous Communities: West Harlem, Manhattan Valley, Morningside Heights and Manhattanville.
Collins (Wilkie) collection of papers, 1849-1891
Colt (Alvin) Designs, 1935-1990
Colum (Padraic) collection of papers, 1901-1963
Columbus Branch Records, 1916-1990
Comden (Betty) Scores, 1938-1975
Comden and Green Papers, 1933-2003
Commons (Jeremy) Letters to Solange Bak, 1984-1994
Community News Service Records, 1969-1976
Conrad (Joseph) collection of papers, 1885-1956 bulk (1896-1934)
Cook (Ray) Papers, 1951-1986
Cooper (James Fenimore) collection of papers, 1825-1904 bulk (1825-1849)
Coppard (Edgar) collection of papers, 1920-1951
Corelli (Marie) collection of papers, 1893-1955 bulk (1893-1945)
Corman (Cid) collection of papers, 1941-1983 bulk (1951-1974)
Corso (Gregory) collection of papers, [1956]-1971
Cory (John Mackenzie) Records, 1929-1984 (bulk 1952-1978)
Cory (John Mackenzie) Records, 1949-1963
Cosme (Eusebia) Papers, 1927-1973
Coward (Noel) collection of papers, 1919-1972
Cowell (Henry) Collection
Cowell (Henry) Papers, 1851-1994
Craig (Edward Gordon) Papers Relating to Isadora Duncan, 1905-c.1952
Craig-Duncan Collection
Craigie (Pearl Mary Teresa Richards) collection of papers, 1877-1933 bulk (1890-1911)
Craigie (Pearl Mary Teresa) Papers, 1894-1909
Crane (Stephen) collection of papers, 1894-1953
Crawford (Cheryl) Papers, 1920-1986
Crawford (Joan) Papers, 1932-1976
Crosswaith (Frank R.) Papers, 1917-1965
Cuevas (Marquis Georges de) Letters to Sophie Kochanski, 1936-1955
Cummings (E. E.) collection of papers, 1916-1962 bulk (1939-1959).
Curtis Brown Ltd. Records, 1904-1960
Curtiss (Mina) Collection, [ca. 1950-ca. 1958]
Dafora (Asadata Horton) Papers, 1933-1963
Dance Chronicle Papers, 1959-1994 (Bulk Dates 1988-1992)
Darling (Edward V. and Alfred T.) Papers, 1899-1952
Darom (Ari) Papers
Davis (Angela) Legal Defense Collection, 1970-1972
Davis (Benjamin J.) Jr. Papers, 1949-1964
Davis (Buster) Scores, 1929-1987
Davis (John P.) Papers, 1845-1972
Day (Clarence) Papers, 1796-1993
De la Mare (Walter) collection of papers, 1897-1960
de Mille (Agnes), 1905-Collection, ca. 1914-1984.
De Mille (Agnes). Correspondence and writings, 1871-1993
De Mille (Agnes). Early drafts and papers relating to Martha: The Life and Work of Martha Graham.
De Mille (Agnes). Honors and Awards, 1977-1992.
De Mille (Agnes). Papers, 1918-
Deakin (Irving) Correspondence, 1934-1957
Deakin (Irving) Papers, ca. 1934 - ca. 1955
Dean (Tunis) papers, 1875-1939
Dehn (Mura) Papers on Afro-American Social Dance, ca. 1869-1987
Delaney (Sadie Peterson) Papers, 1921-1958
Dello Joio (Norman) Papers, 1898-2003 (bulk dates, 1920-2003)
Delza (Sophia) Papers, 1908-1996
DeMott (George) Papers, 1900-1954
Denham (Sergei) Records of the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, ca. 1936 - 1978
Deutsch (Babette) Papers, ca. 1880s-1982
Diaghilev (Serge) Correspondence, ca.1918-1929
Diaghilev (Sergei Pavlovich) Papers, 1910-1929
Dickens (Charles) collection of papers, [1833]-[1975] bulk ([1833]-1909)
Diether (Jack) Collection of Sound Recordings, 1967-1984
Dillingham (Charles Bancroft) Papers, 1903-1931
Documents relating to copyright of music scores for ballets of Giuseppe Rota, 1857-1904
Dodge (Charles) Papers, 1968 - 1982
Dodgson (Charles Lutwidge) collection of papers, [1851?]-1932 bulk (1864-1897)
Donaldson (Stephen) Papers, 1965-1996
Donehue (Vincent J.) - Designs from the Collection, 1950-1963
Donehue (Vincent J.) Correspondence and Ephemera, 1930-1973
Donehue (Vincent J.) Papers, 1946-1965
Dongan Hills Branch Records, 1957-1992
Donnell Library Center Records, 1924-1996
Doubrovska (Felia) Papers (c.1919-1981)
Dougherty (John) Collection, 1904-1988
Dowridge-Challenor Family Letters, 1904-1917
Doyle (Sir Arthur Conan) collection of papers, 1881-1944
Drama League of America Records, 1910-1931
Dransfield (Jane) Papers, 1917-1945
Druckman (Jacob) Collection of Noncommercial Sound Recordings, 1950-2000
Dubensky (Arcady) Instrumental Music, [ca. 1921 - ca. 1941]
Duncan (Irma) Collection of Isadora Duncan Materials
Duncan (Irma) Music Scores
Duncan (Irma) Papers, 1905-1977
Duncan (Jeff) Papers relating to Dance Theater Workshop, 1963-1990
Duncan (Jeff) Papers, 1930 - 1989
Duncan (Kenn) Photograph Archive, ca. 1960-1986
Dunlap (David W.) Papers, 1993-1999
Dupree African-American Pentecostal and Holiness Collection, 1876-1989
Ear Magazine Records, 1962-1992
Earl Conrad/Harriet Tubman Collection, 1939-1941, 1946
Eastchester Branch Records, 1956-1986
Eastman (Max) papers, 1916-1968
Ebb (Fred) Papers, 1927-2004
Ebenezer United Methodist Church Records, 1865-1980
Eberhart (Nelle Richmond) Papers, 1894-1943
Edenwald Branch Records, 1973-1989
Ekstrom (Parmenia Migel) Collection of Autograph Letters of 19th Century Ballet Notables, 1806-1 907
Eliot (George) collection of papers, 1841-1899 bulk (1841-1879).
Eliot (T.S.) collection of papers, 1918-1989 bulk (1918-1957).
Elliott (William) Papers, 1965-1984
Ellis (Mary) Papers, 1914-2003
Elson (James) Papers, 1950-1970
Emerson Collection on Vaudeville, 1877-1928
Englund (Richard), 1931-1991. Papers, 1931-1990.
Enters (Angna) Correspondence
Enters (Angna) Letters to Edward L. Berman, 1933-1946
Enters (Angna) Papers 1920-1989 (Bulk dates ca. 1930-1973)
Epiphany Branch Records, 1907-1989
Evans (Maurice) Papers, 1934-1970
Eye on Dance Records, 1966-1995
Falconetti (Renee) Collection, 1962
Farrah (Ibrahim) Papers, 1895-1998
Faversham (Philip) Papers, 1919-1982
Fax (Elton) Papers, 1930-1974
Fedorova (Alexandra) Papers, 1930-1970
Fehl (Fred) Correspondence, 1940-1984
Feist (Leonard) Papers, 1901-1991
Fernandez (Royes), 1929-1980. Papers, ca. 1942-1982.
Field (William B. Osgood) Papers, 1610-1952, n.d.
Finney (Ross Lee) Collection, 1938-1986
Finney (Ross Lee) Papers, 1916 - 1996
Firbank (Ronald) collection of papers, 1896-1952 bulk (1905-1926)
First African Baptist Church Records, 1873-1977
Flanagan (Hallie) Papers
Fokin (Mikhail Mikhailovich), 1880-1942 Papers, 1914-1941
Ford (Paul Leicester) Papers, 1870-1902
Fordham Library Center Records, 1923-1991
Foreman (Laura) Papers, 1957-1999
Forster (E.M.) collection of papers, 1904-1969
Fort Washington Branch Records, 1914-1999
Frampton, Eleanor. Papers, 1920-1971.
Francis Martin Branch Records, 1946-1990
Franko (Sam) Scores, [ca. 1880-ca.1936]
Fraser (Elisabeth) Papers, 1920-1999
Free Circulating Libraries Records, 1880-1952
Freedley (George) Papers, ca. 1861-1971
Freehafer (Edward Geier) Records, 1948-1971
Friebus (Florida) Papers, 1926-1988
Friedlich (Ruth K.) Papers, 1945-1951
Frohman (Charles) Letterpress Copybooks, 1898-1923
Frooks (Dorothy) Papers, 1913-1990 bulk (1960-1990)
Frost (Olivia Pleasants) Papers, 1937-1994
Fuller (Loie) Collection, 1914-1928
Fuller (Loie) Papers, 1892-1913
Gabrial (Jan) Papers, 1932-1940
Gabriel (Gilbert W.) Papers, 1906-1952
Galamison (Milton A.) Papers, 1947-1987
Gay Activists Alliance Records, 1970-1983
Gelb (James) Papers, 1943-1976
Genth (Arnold) Correspondence and writings, 1928-1942
Gibson (Robert A.) Collection of Lillian Russell Materials, 1894-1984
Gideon (Miriam) Papers, 1905 - 1992
Gielgud (John) Correspondence to Katharine Cornell, Guthrie McClintic, and Nancy Hamilton
Gish (Lillian) Papers, 1909-1992
Gissing (George) collection of papers, 1871-1954 bulk (1878-1929).
Godfrey (Jean) Records, 1946-1970
Goetz (Ruth and Augustus) Papers, 1900-1996
Goldberg (Harold) Papers, 1918-1961
Goldstone (Jean Stock) Papers, 1937-1961
Gollobin (Ira) Papers, 1945-1990
Goodman (Benny) Collection
Gorney (Jay) Papers, 1896-1993
Gorney (Jay) Scores, 1916-1975
Goslar (Lotte) Papers, 1923-1997
Gossage (James) Photographs, 1965-1975
Gotham Book Mart Records, [1938-1948]
Graff, Marjorie S., collector. Stravinsky and the dance, 1957-1982
Graff, Robert D. Collection of materials on Noah and the Flood, 1959-1986
Graham (Martha) Center of Dance Records, 1944-1955
Grand Concourse Branch Records, 1959-1989
Grassi (Amata B.) Papers, 1878-1971
Graves (Robert) collection of papers, 1914-1975
Great Kills Branch Records, 1925-1981
Greco (JosÚ) Graphics Materials, 1900-1985
Greco (JosÚ) Professional and personal papers
Green (Adolph) Papers, 1944-2002
Greener (Dorothy) Papers, 1942-1966
Gregory (Lady) collection of papers, 1873-[1965] bulk (1873-1932).
Gress (Edmund G.) Papers, 1915 - 1934
Griffes (Charles Tomlinson) Collection, [ca. 1900-1920]
Griffin (Howard) collection of papers, 1942-1975
Grillo (Rudy) Sound Recordings, 1970-1989
Griswold Family Letters, 1862-1879
Gruen, John, collector. John Gruen collection of his articles and background materials, 1969-1991
Gruenberg (Louis) Papers, 1900 - 1988
Grumbach (Doris) Papers, 1938-2002
Haggard (Henry Rider) collecion of papers, 1879-1920 bulk (1885-1915)
Haieff (Alexei) Papers [1895-1992]
Hale (Swinburne) Papers, 1901-1924
Halsman (Philippe) Theatrical Photographs, 1947-1969
Hamburger (Philip) Papers, 1924-1999
Hamilton (Iain) Papers, 1886-2002
Hamilton (Margaret) Correspondence and Ephemera, 1944-1979
Hamilton Fish Park Branch Records, 1909-1990
Hamilton Grange Branch Records Records, 1905-1995
Hansen Family Papers, 1942-1946
Hapgood (Elizabeth Reynolds) Papers, 1929-1986.
Hapgood (Elizabeth Reynolds) Papers, 1929-1986. (2)
Harbach (Otto A.) Papers, 1870-1990
Harburg (E. Y.) Papers (1), 1913-1997
Harburg (E. Y.) Papers (2), 1936-1981
Harburg (E.Y.) Collection of Music [ca. 1929-1981]
Hardy (Robin) Papers, 1964-2001
Hardy (Thomas) collection of papers, 1870-1964 bulk (1870-1928)
Harlem Branch Records, 1909-2004
Harlem Neighborhoods Association Records, 1941-1978
Harper (Ken) Papers, 1972-1988
Harrigan (Edward) Papers, 1870-1908
Harrigan (Edward) Papers, 1871-1984
Harris (William Jr.) Papers, 1914-1934
Harte (Bret) collection of papers, 1860-1929
Haughton (James) Papers, 1929-1984
Hawthorne (Julian) collection of papers, 1852-1908
Hawthorne (Maria Louisa) collection of papers, 1827-1852
Hawthorne (Nathaniel) collection of papers, 1694-1931 bulk (1817-1864).
Hawthorne (Sophia Peabody) collection of papers, 1775-1949 bulk (1822-1871)
Hawthorne (Una) collection of papers, [1851]-1877
Hayward (Brooke) Papers, 1911-1977
Hayward, Leland, 1902-1971. Records of Ballets: U.S.A. (Company), ca. 1956-1962
Hazelton (George Cochrane) Scores, ca. 1890-1941
Hearn (Lafcadio) collection of papers, 1883-1904
Heifetz (Vladimir) Papers, 1922 - 1970
Held (Anna) Museum Papers, 1897-1987
Hempel (Frieda) Collection of Manuscripts, Cadenzas, and Annotated Publications, [ca. 1910-ca. 1940]
Henderson (James W.) Records, 1929-1998
Henderson (Ray) Papers, 1904-1937
Henry Irving-Ellen Terry Tour Correspondence, 1884-1896
Herbert (Rietta Hines) Papers, 1940-1969
Hertzberg (Sidney) Papers, 1924-1984
Herzfeld (Will) Papers, 1967-1990
Heskes (Irene) Collection of Jewish Songsters [1915-ca.1990]
Heyman (Katherine Ruth) Songs, [ca. 1890-1934]
Heyward (Samuel Edwin) Jr. Papers, 1917-1982
Higgins Family Papers, 1924-1971
High Bridge Branch Records, 1908-2001
Hill (Holly) - St. Joan Research Files, 1983-1987
Hirschmann (Ira) Papers, 1934-1969
Holbrook (Florence) Scrapbooks, 1897-1932
Holler (John) Papers, 1891-1995
Holm (Hanya) Papers, 1803-1984 (bulk 1931-1980)
Holmes (Doloris) papers, 1966-1996
Holmes (Oliver Wendell) collection of papers, [1833]-1908 bulk 1838-1894
Holt, Claire, 1901-1970. Papers, ca. 1928-1970
Homans Family Papers, 1850-1938
Homer (Louise) Collection of vocal scores, 1849-1911
Hopkins (Arthur) Papers, 1908-1954
Hopper (Franklin F.) Records, 1923-1940
Hopper (Franklin F.) Records, 1940-1946
Horst (Louis) Collection [ca. 1892-1953]
Horst (Louis) Collection, 1884-1964
Horst, Louis, 1884-1964. Papers, 1935-1964
Hour of Music Records, 1945-1975
Howard (John Tasker) Papers, 1869-1995
Howe (Mary) Papers, 1884 - 1972
Hudson (Hosea) Papers, 1941-1980
Hudson Park Branch Records, 1905-1980
Hughes (Thomas) collection of papers, 1856-1899
Humphrey (Doris) Collection, 1811-1952
Humphrey, Doris, 1895-1958. Letters, 1898-1941
Humphrey, Doris, 1985-1957. Papers. ca. 1925-1957
Hunt (Leigh) collection of papers, 1772-1883 bulk (1813-1859)
Hunt's Point Branch Records, 1929-1987
Hunter (Kim) Scripts and Rehearsal Notes, 1957-1993
Hunter College. Dance Therapy Program. Resource Materials on Dance Therapy.
Hunton (William Alphaeus) Papers, 1926-1970
Hurst (Fannie) collection of papers, 1937-1951
Hutchinson, Ann. Papers, ca., 1948-1961
Huxley (Aldous) collection of papers, 1915-1973 bulk (1915-1963)
Hyde (Douglas) collection of papers, 1892-1930
Inge (William) collection of papers, 1936-1957
International Committee for Political Prisoners Records, 1918-1942
Inwood Branch Records, 1925-2000
Irving (Washington) collection of papers, [1805]-1933 bulk (1815-1859)
Isaacs (Lewis M.) Papers, 1906-1942
Ismailoff (Sergei) Papers. 1929-1947
Ito (Teiji) Collection, 1962-1982
Jackson (William Henry) Papers, 1862-1942
Jackson Square Branch Records, 1948-2000
Jacob A. Riis Neighborhood Settlement Records, 1891-1990
Jacobi (Frederick) Collection of Noncommercial Recordings, 1935-1947
Jacobs (Paul) Collection of Noncommercial Materials, 1967-1983
James (Henry) collection of papers, [1867]-1917 bulk (1882-1917).
James Weldon Johnson Community Centers, Inc. Records Records, 1942-1988
Janowitz (Otto) Papers, 1920-1987
Jarrell (Randall) collection of papers, 1914-1969 bulk (1927-1967).
Javitz (Romana) Papers, 1923-1980
Jefferson Market Branch Records, 1967-1996
Jenkins (George) Papers and Designs, 1933-1981
Jennings [Elizabeth] collection of papers, [1961]-1967
Jerome (Jerome Klapka) collection of papers, 1892-1926
Joel (Lydia) Papers, 1906-1993 (Bulk Dates 1973-1993)
Johnson (Horace) Scores, 1916-1935
Johnson (John Albert) Papers, 1876-1884
Johnson (Joseph) Letterbook, 1795-1810
Johnson (Oakley) Papers, 1946-1959
Johnson, Raymond. Papers, 1964-1968, 1978-1980
Johnston (Esther) Records, 1940-1951
Johnstone (Georgia) Papers Regarding Agnes Moorehead, 1930-1974
Jordan (Elizabeth Garver) Papers, 1891-1947
Jose Limon Dance Foundation, Inc. Records, 1966-2002 (Bulk dates 1980-1993)
Joyce (James) collection of papers, 1897-1971 bulk (1902-1949)
Kallen (Lucille) Papers, 1938-1999
Kallman (Chester) collection of papers, 1937-1973
Katscher (Leopold and Berta) Papers, 1866-1939
Katz (Bernard and Jonathan)/Lucy Terry Prince Collection, 1967-1973
Kaun (Hugo) Papers, 1882 - 1980 and undated
Kazan (Lainie) Papers, 1960-1998
Kazin (Alfred) collection of papers, 1933-1990 bulk (1933-1978)
Keats (John) collection of papers, 1816-1948 bulk (1816-1924)
Kelley (Florence) Papers, 1836-1932
Kelley (Nicholas) Papers, 1861-1967
Kellin (Mike) Papers
Kennedy (Stetson) Collection, 1916-1950
Kerouac (Jack) collection of papers, [1942]-1969
Kilgallen (Dorothy) Papers and Scrapbooks, 1930-1965
King (Eleanor) Papers
King (Eleanor) Papers, 1916-1991, [Bulk dates 1951-1991]
King, Eleanor, 1906-1991. Letters to Grace Stevenson, 1977-1986
King, Kenneth. Papers, 1964-1981
King-Coit School and Children's Theatre Papers, 1891-1997
Kingsbridge Branch Records, 1905-1999
Kipling (Rudyard) collection of papers, 1879-1956 bulk (1882-1941).
Kips Bay Branch Records, 1972-1975
Kirstein, Lincoln, 1907- Papers, ca. 1914-1991
Kirstein, Lincoln, 1907-Papers, ca. 1913-1994.
Kleban (Edward) Papers, 1960-1986
Kobler (John) Haitian Revolution Research Material, 1791-1806
Koch (Kenneth) collection of papers, [1974]-1979
Kochno (Boris) Fonds
Kohlbach-Bickel Family Papers, 1860-1952
Kohs (Ellis B.) Papers, 1916-2000 (Bulk dates, 1940-1985)
Koner (Pauline) Papers, 1905 - 2000
Koppanyi (Theodore) Papers, 1910-1930
Kraus (Milton M.) Papers on Louis Moreau Gottschalk, 1956-1980 and undated
Kreider (Noble W.) Scores, [ca. 1900-ca. 1959]
Kroll (Lucy) Correspondence from Lillian Gish
Kudisch (Alexis) and Bella Weinberg Papers, 1893-1998
Kurtz (Maurice) Papers, 1965-1999
La Branche (Emla) Correspondence with Edna St. Vincent Millay and Eugen Boissevain, 1926-1951
La Forge (Frank) Scores, 1906-1948
Labunski (Felix) Collection, 1959-1972
Labunski (Felix) Papers, 1930-1977
Lachmund (Carl V.) Collection [1857-1966]
Laffey (Bruce) - Beatrice Lillie Collection, 1919-1989
Laing, Hugh, 1911-1988. Papers, c.1943-1988
Lamb (Charles) collection of papers, 1797-1934 bulk (1797-1836)
Landor (Walter Savage) collection of papers, 1778-1929 bulk (1808-[1864])
Lane (Layle) Papers, 1933-1951
Langner (Lawrence) Papers, 1915-1962
Lashanska (Hulda) Papers, 1908-1971
Lawrence & Lee Collection, 1939-1966
Lawrence (D. H.) collection of papers, 1909-1964 bulk (1910-1933)
Lawrence (Gertrude) Collection, 1898-1952
Lawrence (Vera Brodsky) Papers, 1863-1991 (bulk dates 1970-1984)
Lawrence and Lee Papers, 1917-1970
Lawrence, Pauline. Pauline Lawrence Limon Collection
Lazarus (Frieda Langer) Papers, 1927-1950
Le Gallienne (Eva) papers, 1903-1986
Leckie (Katherine) Papers, 1914-1925
Lee (Franne) Papers and Designs, 1969-1997
Lee (Gypsy Rose) Papers, 1910-1970
Leigh (Carolyn) Scores, 1910-1982
Lenox (James) Papers, 1818-1941
Lenox Library Records, 1866-1915
Leslie, Caird Papers, 1915-65
Let's Go to the Opera Radio Broadcast Collection, 1946
Levitzki (Mischa) Papers, 1898-1957 (bulk dates, 1898-1941)
Levy (Richard John) and Sweet (Sally Waldman) Collection, 1766-1935
Lewis (Leon) Scores, [ca. 1940-1960]
Lewis (Sinclair) collection of papers, 1914-1937
Lewitan, Joseph D. Joseph D. Lewitan and Eugenia Eduardova Collection
Libidins, David, c.1899-1958. Papers, ca. 1936-1958
Liebler & Co. Records, 1890-1930
Liebman (Marvin) Papers, 1990 - 1996
Liebman (Max) Papers, 1903-1981
Lifar (Serge) Letters to Diaghilev
Lillie (Beatrice) Papers, 1911-1995
Limon (Jose and Pauline Lawrence) Photograph files
Limon, Jose, 1908-1972. Papers, ca. 1927-1972.
Linder (Mark) Papers, 1933-1950
Linklater (Eric) collection of papers, 1932-1967
Lippincott (Gertrude) Collection of Ballet Music, [ca. 1944-1964]
Lippincott, Gertrude Lawton. Papers, 1943-ca. 1990
Little Players Correspondence, 1961-1999
Litz (Katherine) Collection, 1945-1952
Litz, Katherine, 1912-1978. Papers, 1901-1979
Living Theatre Records, 1945-1991
Lloyd (Lola Maverick) Papers, 1856-1949
Locke (Robinson) Collection, 1870-1920
Lockhart (Dorothy) Papers, 1922-1957
Logan (Andy) Papers, 1923-2000
Logan (Joshua) and Elliott (Jean) Correspondence and ephemera, 1918-1989
London (Jack) collection of papers, 1900-1948
Longfellow (Henry Wadsworth) collection of papers, 1826-1901 bulk (1833-1882)
Lonsdale (Frederick) collection of papers, 1923-1958
Loring, Eugene, 1911-1982. Papers, ca. 1938-1981.
Lortel (Lucille) Papers, 1902-2000
Lovett (Paul) Papers, 1943-1967
Lowell (James Russell) collection of papers, 1841-1903 bulk (1841-1893)
Lowell (Robert) collection of papers, 1943-1977
Lucy Kroll Agency - Helen Hayes Files
Ludlam (Charles) and the Ridiculous Theatrical Company interview collection
Luening (Otto) Collection of Noncommercial Sound Recordings, (bulk 1950-1970)
Lundgaard (Harriet) Papers, 1923-1958
Lydenberg (Harry Miller) Records, 1926-1970 (bulk 1926-1944)
Lydenberg, Hopper and Beals General Correspondence, 1926-1957
Macaulay (Thomas Babington) collection of papers, 1832-1858
MacDougall (Allan Ross) Collection, 1922-1956
Macero (Teo) Collection, 1949 -1992
Machen (Arthur) collection of papers, 1900-[1947] bulk (1910-1933)
Mack (Nila) Papers, 1910-1953
MacKay (Constance D'Arcy) Papers
Mackenzie (Sir Compton) collection of papers, 1906-1952
MacLeish (Archibald) collection of papers, 1923-1981
MacNeice (Louis) collection of papers, [1934]-1966.
Macomb's Bridge Branch Records, 1955-1979
Madison (Maud) Papers, 1884-c.1945
Maher (Joseph) Papers, 1960-1998
Mahler (Fritz) Papers, 1906-1973
Maine Folk Dance Camp. Dance instructions and sheet music, ca1953-ca1986.
Malina (Judith) Diaries, 1947-1959
Malinka (Bella) Papers, 1950-1993 and Undated
Malpe (Lillian) letters from Lillian Gish, 1928-1977
Manford (Jeanne) Papers, 1972-1995
Mann (Mary Tyler Peabody) collection of papers, 1822-1949 bulk (1822-[1877])
Mansfield (Richard) Family Papers, 1856-1940
Maracci, Carmelita, 1911-1987. Papers, 1924-1988.
Margaret E. Lynn Army Music and Theatre Collection, 1967-1978
Marion (Kitty) Papers, 1908-1939, n.d.
Markham (Edwin) collection of papers, 1852-1940
Marryat (Frederick) collection of papers, 1830-1843
Marsh (Edward Howard) collection of papers, [1886]-1963 bulk ([1910]-1952).
Martin (Samuel J.) Papers, 1926-1984
Masefield (John) collection of papers, 1894-[1966] bulk (1902-[1956])
Masiello (Alberta) Papers, 1894-1990
Mason (Daniel Gregory) Sketchbooks, [ca. 1900-1939]
Massine, Leonide, 1896-1979. Papers, ca. 1932-1968 (bulk 1940-1955)
Master's theses and case studies 1972-1996
Masters (Edgar Lee) collection of papers, 1919-1949
Mattachine Society, Inc. of New York. Records, 1951-1976
Maugham (William Somerset) collection of papers, [1897]-1964
Mauro-Cottone (Melchiorre) Papers, 1874-1982
Maverick family papers, 1780-1985
Mayer (Carrie) Papers, 1920-1948
Mayfield (Julian) Papers, 1949-1984
McCarter Theatre production materials, 1994-2006
McComas (Carroll) Papers, 1891-1962
McCorkle (Susannah) Papers, 1946-2001
McCracken (Joan) Ephemera, 1930-1958
McFee (William) collection of papers, [1914]-[1954]
McGuire (Mitch) Collection
Meiser (Edith) Papers, 1902-1985
Melcourt Branch Records, 1953-1975
Melrose Branch Records, 1914-1989
Mendelssohn (Eleanora) Papers, 1880-1949
Mendelssohn Glee Club Papers, 1856 - 1970
Meredith (William) collection of papers, 1941-1973
Merrill (James) collection of papers, 1965-1994
Merrill (Phyllis) Papers, 1932-1956
Metcalf (Keyes DeWitt) Records, 1929-1937
Mew (Charlotte Mary) collection of papers, 1913-1944
Meyerstein (Edward Harry William) collection of papers, [191-?]-1959 bulk (1924-1959)
Meynell (Alice Christiana Thompson) collection of papers, 1875-1929
Michel, Artur, 1883-1946. Papers, 1934-1956.
Mielziner (Jo) Designs and Technical Drawings, 1924-1976
Mielziner (Jo) Papers, 1903-1976
Mielziner Family Papers, 1890-1935
Milhaud (Darius) Collection, 1910-1920
Millay (Edna St. Vincent) collection of papers, 1904-1974 bulk (1909-1956).
Millay (Kathleen) collection of papers, 1904-1956 bulk (1906-1943)
Miller (Flournoy) Collection, 1928-1971
Miller (Henry) collection of papers, [1932]-1978
Milliken (James Foster) Papers, 1887-1894
Mills (Florence) Papers, 1896-1974
Miner (Worthington) - Studio One Production Files, 1948-1955
Mitford (Mary Russell) collection of papers, 1828-1854
Mitgang (Herbert) collection of papers, 1967-1975
Molnar (Ferenc) Papers, 1927-1952
Montague Collection of Historical Autographs, ca. 1600 - 1950
Moore (Anne Carroll) Papers, 1898-1960
Moore (George) collection of papers, [1879]-[1935] bulk (1889-1933)
Moore (Lillian) Papers
Moore (Richard B.) Papers, 1902-1978
Moore (Tom) Papers, 1950-1996
Moore, Lillian, 1911-1967. Lillian Moore Dance Research Files.
Moorish Science Temple of America Collection, 1926-1967
Morando (Otto) Papers, 1924-1936
Mordkin, Mikhail Mikhailovich, 1880-1944 Papers, ca. 1885-1979
Morehouse (Ward) Papers, 1877-1966
Morley (Frank Vigor) collection of papers, 1925-1979
Morningside Heights Branch Records, 1963-1996
Morris (George Pope) collection of papers, 1830-1863
Morrisania Branch Records, 1908-1990
Morrison (Allan) Papers, 1940-1968
Moscowitz (Jennie) Papers, 1907-1943
Mosel (Tad) Papers, 1935-1991
Mosholu Branch Records, 1954-1984
Mostel (Zero and Kate) Papers, 1915-1986
Mott Haven Branch Records, 1905-2001
Moyse (Marcel) Papers, 1862-1989
Mudd (Aloysius I.) Collection, 1800-1919
Muhlenberg Branch Records, 1906-1997
Muller (C. A.)Actors Portraits, ca. 1870-1897
Muller, Hazel Lockwood. Papers. 1910-1954.
Mumford (Ethel Watts) Papers, 1900-1934
Mundy (John) Papers, 1905-1965
Muni (Paul) Papers, ca. 1920-1967
Municipal Reference Library Records, 1911-1970
Murry (John Middleton) collection of papers, [1911?]-1962
Myers (Paul) Papers, 1938-1994
Myers (Theodorus Bailey) Collection, 1542-1876
Nathanson, Lucile Brahms. Papers, 1954-1974.
National Association for Regional Ballet Records
National Association of Colored Graduate Nurses Records, 1908-1951
National Civic Federation Records, 1894-1949
National Orchestral Association Rehearsals and Concert Recordings, 1938-1968
Natwick (Mildred) Papers, 1932-1985
Neal (Larry) Papers, 1961-1985
Neighborhood Playhouse Records, 1904-1937
Neighborhood Playhouse Scores, 1919 - 1931 and undated
Neighborhood Playhouse. Scenarios, 1914-1931.
Neilson (Adelaide) Papers
New Dorp Branch Records, 1909-1992
New Dramatists Playwright Lecture Series, 1951-1960
New Theatre League Records, 1932-1942
New Theatre League Records, ca. 1932-1942
New York Chamber Music Society Scores
New York City Ballet Records, 1934 - 1976
New York International Festival of the Arts Records, 1988-1991
New York Pro Musica Records, 1953-1988
New York Public Library Archives Artifacts and Memorabilia Collection, ca. 1896-2001
New York Public Library Archives Visual Materials, 1875-1990s
New York Public Library Board of Trustees Founding Members Records, 1895-1930
New York Public Library Board of Trustees Secretary Records, 1895-1928
New York Public Library Building Superinendent Records, 1911-1920
New York Public Library Bursar's Office Records, 1911-1950
New York Public Library Business Superintendent Records, 1897-1909
New York Public Library Committee Records, 1905-1990
New York Public Library Library School Records, 1911-1932
New York Public Library Medical Officer Records, 1911-1912
New York Shakespeare Festival Music Scores, 1965 - 1991
New York Shakespeare Festival Records Overview, 1954-1992
New York Shakespeare Festival Records. Series I: Administrative Office, 1954-1992
New York Shakespeare Festival Records. Series II: Play Department Files, 1954-1992
New York Shakespeare Festival Records. Series IV: Production Materials, 1958-1992
New York Shakespeare Festival Records. Series V: General Manager's Files, 1960-1991
New York Shakespeare Festival Records. Series VI: Development Office, 1954-1989
New York Shakespeare Festival Records. Series VII: Press Office Files, 1957-1991
New York Shakespeare Festival Records. Series VIII: Archives Office, 1954-1992
New York Shakespeare Festival Records. Series X. Education Department, 1980-1989
New York Shakespeare Festival Records. Series XI: New Jazz at the Public, 1978-1987
New York Shakespeare Festival Records. Series XIII: Papp's Personal Papers, 1949-1992
New York Singing Teachers' Association Records, 1906 - 1997 (bulk dates 1924 - 1997)
New York Typographical Union No. 6 Records, 1829-1988
Newman (Harold) Papers, 1921-1993
Newman (Richard). Laura Adorkor Kofey Research Collection, 1926-1981
Nicholl (Horace Wadham) Papers, 1872 - 1902
Nichols (Anne) Papers, 1873-1965
Nichols (Josephine) Papers, 1948-1990
Nichols (Robert Malise Bowyer) collection of papers, 1911-1941
Nin (Anais) collection of papers, [1932-1975]
Nixon (Marni) Scores, 1949-1984
Nureyev (Rudolf) photographic scrapbooks Gable, Robert Burns, collector ca. 1956-1993
O'Casey (Sean) collection of papers, 1904-1964 bulk (1918-1964)
O'Connor (Jessie Lloyd) Papers, 1909-1983
O'Connor (William Douglas) collection of papers, 1863-1888
O'Hara (Frank) collection of papers, 1955-1966
O'Neill (Eugene Gladstone) Papers, 1914-1963 (Bulk 1914-1916)
Odets (Clifford) Papers, 1926-1963
Oenslager (Donald) Collection of Edward Gordon Craig, 1898-1967
Oenslager (Donald) Papers and Designs, 1922-1982
Oliver (Sy) Papers, [ca. 1933-1990]
Olugebefola (Ademola) Papers, 1967-1990
Orderly Book of the Louisiana 7th Regiment, 1862 Oct. 2-1864 Jan. 22
Osborne (Estelle Massey) Papers, 1943-1967
Ostvold (Harald) Records, 1958-1963
Ottendorfer Branch Records, 1924-1997
Owen (Barnett) papers regarding Ruth Draper, 1903-1981
Page (Ruth) Collection 1918-1970
Page, Ruth, 1899-1991. Papers. 1956-1965
Paget-Fredericks, Joseph Rous, 1903-1963. Papers, 1920-60
Pallos (Paul) Scores, [ca. 1902-1920]
Palmer (Courtlandt) Scores, 1907-1949
Palmer (Prudence Taylor) Papers on the King-Coit School and Children's Theatre, 1934-2003
Paramount Theatre Stage Manager's Records, 1936-1956
Parkchester Branch Records, 1942-1985
Parrish (Richard) Papers (Additions), 1959-1976
Parrish (Richard) Papers, 1950-1975
Paskman (Dailey) Papers, 1904-1939
Pastor (Tony) Collection, 1863-1959
Patmore (Coventry Kersey Dighton) collection of papers, [1841]-1948 bulk ([1841]-1892)
Patrick (Robert) Papers, ca. 1940-1984
Paul (Elliot) collection of papers, 1922-1940
Peabody (Elizabeth Palmer) collection of papers, 1822-[1957] bulk (1832-1838)
Peabody (Elizabeth Palmer) collection of papers, 1824-1852
Peerce (Jan) Collection of Sound Recordings and Video, 1938-1983
Peerce (Jan) Papers, 1918-1985
Pelham Bay Branch Records, 1975-1988
Pene du Bois (William) Papers, 1940s - 1970s
People's Institute Records, 1883-1933
Peoples' Voice Cafe Records, 1979-1986
Perera (Mrs. Lionello) Papers, 1888-1966
Perle (George) letters to Paul Lansky, 1969-1973
Perrin (J. H.) collection of papers, 1921-1931
Perry (Pettis) Papers, 1942-1967
Persichetti (Vincent) Collection, 1945-1987
Persichetti (Vincent) Papers, 1901-1996 and undated (bulk 1930-1987)
Phelps (John Wolcott) Papers, 1833-1884
Philadelphia Grand Opera Records, 1923-1932
Philipp (Rudolph) Papers on Raoul Wallenberg, 1933-1947
Phillips (Stephen) collection of papers, [1895]-1916
Phillpotts (Eden) collection of papers, 1892-1939
Photographic negatives of dancers and dance companies 1944-1961
Photographic prints of dancers and dance companies 1944-1961
Pickens (William) Papers (Additions), 1909-1950
Pickett (Harold) Papers, 1965-1988
Pickford (Mary) and Buddy Rogers Correspondence
Picture Collection Records, 1896-1999
Pierce (Charles) Papers, 1954-1998
Pierce (Marion) Collection of Songs Performed by
Pierre F. Simon Collection of Artists' Letters, 1787-1978
Pinker (James B.) and Son records, 1893-1940
Pinker (James B.) collection of papers, 1886-1926
Pinska (Klarna) Papers, 1919-1986
Pitts (Tyrone) /National Council of Churches Papers, 1959-1989
Plant (Richard) Papers, 1916-1998
Playwrights' Producing Company. Press Department Records, 1930s-1960
Plisetskaya (Maya) Papers, 1956-1990
Plomer (William) collection of papers, 1921-1973
Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ Records, 1896-1982
Ponselle (Rosa) Collection, 1926-1987
Ponselle (Rosa) Papers, ca. 1911-1981
Popular Balanchine Dossiers, 1927-2004 (bulk 1927-1962)
Porter (Kenneth Wiggins) Papers, 1912-1981
Pound (Ezra) collection of papers, [1898]-1986 bulk (1914-1959)
Powys (Katie) Letters to Elizabeth Wade White, 1938-1954
Prentice (Herbert M.) Papers, 1925-1960
Prince (Harold) Scores, 1964-1983
Prince's Bay Branch Records, 1964-1984
Pritchett (Victor Sawdon) collection of papers, 1945-1980
Prompt Books and Actors' Copies of Victoria and Albert Theatre Museum [Microform]
Psacharopoulos (Nikos) Papers, 1925-1987
Rabinoff (Max) Papers, 1908-1954
Radio City Music Hall Collection of the Designs of James Stewart Morcom and John William Keck, 1933-1979
Radio City Music Hall collection of the papers of James Stewart Morcom and John William Keck, 1926-1994
Randall (Tony) Papers, 1957-1981
Readers' Adviser Records, 1932-1970
Reeves-Smith (Olive) Papers, 1879-1964
Regler (Gustav) Letters to Mary Maverick Lloyd, 1939-1959
Reisman (Joe) Scores, 1945 - 1986
Reisman (Leo) Recordings, 1932-1948
Rice (Paul North) Records, 1938-1953
Richard Astor Agency - Papers about Beatrice Lillie, 1954-1982
Richardson (Samuel) collection of papers, [1742]-1761
Richardson, (Willis) Papers, 1910-1974
Riding (Laura) collection of papers, 1927-1989
Riegger (Wallingford) Papers, [1905-1982]
Rieti (Vittorio) Scores, 1930-1994 and undated
Riker (James) Papers, 1660-1989
Rikko (Fritz) Professional Papers, 1933-1975
Riley (James Whitcomb) collection of papers, 1878-[1964] bulk (1878-1915)
Riverdale Branch Records, 1955-1985
Riverside Branch Records, 1942-1992
Rizo (Marco) Papers, 1938-1999
RKO Studios Correspondence, 1931-1958
Robbins (Jerome) Papers, 1930 - 2001
Robbins (Jerome) Photographs, ca. 1890-1990
Robbins (John Jacob) Papers, 1893-1953
Robeson (Paul) Collection, 1925-1956
Robin (Nathaniel) Papers, undated
Robinson (Lennox) collection of papers, 1898-[1958] bulk (1911-1930)
Roche (Emeline) Collection, 1815-1988
Rochon (Valerie) Papers, 1973-2000
Rodgers (Richard) Papers
Rogers (Rutherford D.) Records, 1921-1957
Rolfe (Frederick) collection of papers, 1891-1954 bulk (1891-1910)
Ronell (Ann) Papers, 1893-1999 (bulk 1924-1978)
Roosevelt (Theodore) collection of papers, 1871-[1919]
Rosenberg (Isaac) collection of papers, 1912-1950 bulk (1912-1937)
Roslavleva, Natalia, pseud, comp. Isadora Duncan: reviews and materials relating primarily to her performances in St. Petersburg and Moscow, 1904-05.
Ross (Frederick G.) Scrapbooks, 1876-1930
Rossetti (Dante Gabriel) collection of papers, [1855]-1941 bulk (1863-1882)
Row (Arthur William) Papers, 1902-1961
Royal (Ted) Scores, 1892-1975
Royal Academy of Dancing, London. Records, 1916-1967 (bulk 1933-1955).
Rudd (Robert) Papers, 1875-1906
Ruggles (Samuel B.) Papers, 1801-1881
Rukeyser (Muriel) collection of papers, 1920-1976 bulk (1931-1976)
Ruskin (John) collection of papers, 1835-1914 bulk (1855-1889)
Russel (Myra) Collection of Musical Settings of James Joyce, 1909-1993
Russell (George William) collection of papers, 1891-1935
Russell (Nina) Papers, 1947-1972
Ryskind (Morrie) Papers, 1911-1985
Sackville (Lady Margaret) collection of papers, 1914-1944
Sackville-West (Vita) collection of papers, [1911]-1962 bulk (1921-1962)
Sanders (Ronald) Papers, 1951-1994
Sanderson (Julia) Papers, 1913-1935
Sansom (William) collection of papers, 1926-1972
Sardi's (Restaurant) Papers, 1913-1976
Sardi's Caricatures, 1925-1952
Sarton (Eleanor Mabel) collection of papers, 1905-[1950]
Sarton (George) collection of papers, 1905-1956 bulk (1917-1956)
Sarton (May) collection of papers, 1914-1993 bulk (1928-1992)
Sarton (May) Papers, 1846 - 1995 (bulk 1920 - 1995)
Sassoon (Siegfried) collection of papers, [1905]-1975 bulk (1915-1951)
Sayre (Joel) Papers, 1918-1979
Sayre (Nora) Papers, 1940-2001
Schaffner (Nicholas) Papers, 1964-1989
Schang (Frederick C.) Papers, 1808-1978
Schein (Ruth) /1964 Mississippi Freedom Summer Project Collection
Schieffelin Family Papers, 1756-1907
Schillinger (Joseph) Collection, 1937-1951
Schillinger (Joseph) Papers, 1918-2000
Schindler (Kurt) Papers
Schneider (Alan) Papers, 1923-1984
Schnitzer (Robert C.) and Cisney (Marcella) Papers ca. 1890-1989
Schomburg (Arthur A.) Papers, 1724-1895 (1904-1938)
Schonberg (Bessie) Papers, 1932-1997 and undated
Schreiber (Frederick C.) Papers, 1901-1985
Schulson (Hyman A.) Papers 1942-1957
Schultz (Charles H. Chiz) /Fireside Productions Collection 1968-1990
Schuman (William) Collection, 1939-1994
Schurgast (Margarete) Papers, 1918-1945
Scott (Christopher) Papers on the Ridiculous Theatrical Company, 1960-2002
Scott (Judith) Papers, 1954-1981
Scott (Sir Walter) collection of papers, 1796-1931 bulk (1797-1837)
Scott, Marion, comp. Letters to Marion Scott, 1944-1963
Sears (David) Papers, 1937-1992 Bulk dates 1972-1986
Second African Baptist Church, Savannah, Ga. Records, 1812-1979
Second Mrs. Burton Radio Scripts, 1952-1960
Sedgwick Branch Records, 1951-1995
Seff (Richard) Papers, 1945-2003
Segal (Edith) Papers, 1920-1997
Selinsky (Wladimir) Scripts, 1941-1975
Serly (Tibor) Papers, [1906-1978]
Seward Park Branch Records, 1890-1989
Shanks (Ann) Papers, 1979-1996
Sharp (William) collection of papers, [1883?]-1909 bulk (1890-1909).
Sharp Street Memorial United Methodist Church. Mount Auburn Cemetery, Baltimore, Maryland, Records, 1873-1993
Shaw (Bernard) collection of papers, 1873-1960 bulk (1889-1950)
Shawn (Ted) Papers, 1913-1982 [Bulk Dates 1940-1972]
Shawn, Ted Letters to Barton Mumaw 1940-1971
Shawn, Ted, 1891-1972. Ted Shawn Collection
Sheean (Vincent) collection of papers, [1929]-1973 bulk (1938-1959)
Shelley (Percy Bysshe) collection of papers, 1809-1908
Sherman, Jane, 1908 -. Papers, 1925-1982.
Sherwood (Vincent) Papers, 1927-1972
Shiel (Matthew Phipps) collection of papers, 1897-[1948]
Shorter (Clement King) collection of papers, 1853-1926 bulk (1889-1926)
Silent Film Music (Collection of) ca. 1884-1931
Simms (William Gilmore) collection of papers, [1839]-[1869?]
Sinclair (May) collection of papers, 1901-1928
Sinclair (Upton) collection of papers, 1906-1962
Sitwell (Dame Edith) collection of papers, 1926-1965
Slezak (Walter) Papers, ca. 1905-1983
Smakov, Gennady, 1940[?]-1988. Draft, notes for biography of Marius Petipa
Smit (Leo) Papers, 1905-1998
Smith and Dale Papers, 1903-1981
Somerville (Edith OEnone) collection of papers, 1886-1938
Sorell (Walter) Research Files on Mary Wigman, 1927-1976 and undated
Soundview Branch Records, 1967-1987
South Beach Branch Records, 1950-1978
Southey (Robert) collection of papers, 1793-1959 bulk (1798-1839)
Spencer (Eleanor) Papers, 1900 - 1973
Spender (Stephen) collection of papers, [1928]-1993 bulk ([1931]-1967)
Spessivtzeva (Olga) collection and letters, 1949-1991
Spilka (Bill) Jazz Videorecording Collection, 1988-2002
Spiller (William N. and Isabele T.) Papers, 1906-1958
Spuyten Duyvil Branch Records, 1971-1988
St. Cecilia Chorus Collection of Sound Recordings, 1967-
St. Denis (Ruth) Letters, ca. 1914-1959
St. Denis (Ruth) Papers, ca. 1915-1958
St. George Branch Records, 1907-1989
St. John (Francis R.) 1942-1946
Stambolian (George) Papers, 1955-1992
Stanton (Robert Brewster) Papers, 1851-1960
Stapleton Branch Records, 1907-1987
Stearns (James Hart) Designs, 1966-1968
Stein (Gertrude) collection of papers, [1934]-1966
Steinbeck (John) collection of papers, 1937-[1962]
Stephen (Sir Leslie) collection of papers, [1859]-1939
Stephens (James) collection of papers, 1908-1939 bulk (1911-1938)
Steppenwolf Theatre Company GRAPES OF WRATH Production Files, 1972-1990; Bulk Dates 1988-1990
Steptoe (John Lewis) Papers, 1877-1991
Sterling (George) collection of papers, 1897-1926
Sterne (Teresa) Papers, 1913-1979
Stevens (Harold A.) Papers, 1936-1990
Stevens (Wallace) collection of papers, 1935-1964
Stevenson (Robert Louis) collection of papers, [1873]-[1944] bulk (1881-1917)
Stewart (Alexander and Shirlene) Pentecostal Collection, 1925-1993
Stewart (Michael) Papers, 1948-1987
Stewart (Michael) Scores, 1870-1984
Stoddard (Eunice) Papers, 1913-1938
Stodelle (Ernestine) Correspondence, 1945-1975
Stoessel (Albert) Papers, 1907-1943
Stornant, Vic. Papers, 1975-1983.
Stowe (Harriet Beecher) collection of papers, 1847-1895
Strachey (Julia) collection of papers, 1926-1969
Strachey (Lytton) collection of papers, 1904-1934
Strange (Michael) Papers, 1917-1925
Stratemeyer Syndicate Records, 1832-1984
Strauss (Sara Mildred) Papers, 1905-1977
Strong (Lester Q.) Papers, 1941-2001
Struble (Helen Gates) theater ephemera, 1922-1963
Stumpf (Karl) Viola d'amore Scores , 1750-1999
Superintendent of Training Records, 1901-1933
Swinburne (Algernon Charles) collection of papers, [1856]-1945 bulk (1866-1909)
Swinnerton (Frank) collection of papers, 1912-1978
Symonds (John Addington) collection of papers, 1879-1886
Symons (Arthur) collection of papers, 1888-1933
Symons (Julian) collection of papers, [1929]-1967
Synge (John Millington) collection of papers, 1898-1929
Tabb (John Banister) collection of papers, 1894-1904
Taglioni (Fonds) (Bibliotheque Nationale, Opera) R1-R14, R16-R87
Taintor (Edward C.) Papers, 1839-1879
Tamiris, Helen, 1905-1966. Helen Tamiris Collection, ca. 1936-1966.
Tate (Allen) collection of papers, 1935-1971
Taylor (Bayard) collection of papers, 1848-1907
Taylor (Clarke) Interview Collection
Taylor (Deems) Arrangements of Choral Music by Various Composers, [1917-1920]
Taylor (Deems) Collection, 1935-1954
Teasdale (Sara) collection of papers, 1912-1932
Tenniel (Sir John) collection of papers, 1861-1871
Tennyson (Alfred) collection of papers, 1823-1907
Ter-Arutunian (Rouben) Design Portfolios, 1925-1991 (bulk 1952-1986)
Terence Cardinal Cooke-Cathedral Branch Records, 1946-1981
Thackeray (William Makepeace) collection of papers, [1828]-1937 bulk (1829-1864)
Thomas (Dylan) collection of papers, [1935]-1965
Thomas (Edward) collection of papers, [1892]-1939 bulk (1895-1916)
Thoreau (Henry David) Papers
Throg's Neck Branch Records, 1954-1990
Tilden Trust Records, 1886-1938
Todd (Ruthven) collection of papers, 1939-1967
Todd, Arthur The Arthur Todd Collection of Typescripts, 1948-53
Todt Hill-Westerleigh Branch Records, 1961-1986
Tomars (Adolph S.) Oscar Hammerstein I Research Papers, 1878-1980
Tompkins Square Branch Records, 1904-2004
Toohey (Francis) Papers, 1978-1988
Toscanini Legacy Scores, 1686-1956
Toscanini, Walter, 1893-1971. Papers Relating to Guglielmo Ebreo Manuscript, 1934-1967
Tracy (Lee) Collection, 1934-1964
Tremont Branch Records, 1904-1990
Trenton Six Collection, 1949-1956
Trinity Repertory Company Oral History Tapes, 1990-1991
Trisler, Joyce, 1934-1979. Papers, 1950-1979.
Trollope (Anthony) collection of papers, [1842]-[1927]
Tucker (Sophie) Collection, [ca. 1909-ca. 1960]
Tucker (Sophie) private recordings collection, 1925-1953
Tudor, Antony, 1908-1987. Papers, 1908-1987
Turner (Otis) Papers, 1978-1990
Turner (Walter James) collection of papers, 1917-1940
Twenty-First Century Foundation Records, 1971-1984, 1992
Tyomkin (Pimen) Papers, 1939-1995
Typophiles, Inc. Records, 1914-1996
Unger (Arthur) Interview Collection, 1965-1998
United China Relief records, 1928-1947
United States History, Local History and Genealogy Division Records, ca. 1900-1987
United States Sanitary Commission. Washington Hospital Directory Archives, 1862-1866
Untermeyer (Louis) collection of papers, 1913-1975
Upjohn (Richard and Richard Michell) Papers, 1839-1914
Urban (Joseph) designs for The garden of paradise, 1914
USO Camp Shows Publicity Records, 1941-1955
Van Cortlandt Branch Records, 1958-1989
Van Dresser-Norman Papers, 1895-1956
Van Druten (John) Papers, 1901-1957
Van Druten (John) Papers, 1920-1957
Van Dyke (Henry) collection of papers, 1897-1931
Van Loon, Gerard Willem. Papers, 1932-68.
Van Nest Branch Records, 1945-1987
Van Vechten (Carl) collection of papers, 1911-1964
Van Zandt (Porter) Papers, 1952-1967
Vawn (Bambi) Papers, 1967-1991
Vawter (Ron) Papers, 1963-1994 (Bulk Dates: 1981-1994)
Vollmer (Ruth and Hermann )Collection, 1600s-1959
Vreeland (Diana) Papers, 1899-2000
Wakefield Branch Records, 1938-1991
Walberg (Betty) Scores, 1964-1971
Wald (Lillian D.) Papers, 1889-1957
Walker (Charles D.) Papers, 1923-1985
Walker (Wyatt Tee) Papers, 1963-1982, n.d.
Wallace (Edgar) collection of papers, 1904-1928
Wallowitch (John) Collection of Noncommercial Video Recordings, 1980- .
Walpole (Sir Hugh) collection of papers, 1909-1962 bulk (1913-1937)
Walsh (Townsend) Papers, 1763-1935
Walter (Bruno) Papers, [ca. 1887-1966]
Walton (Lester A.) Papers, 1905-1977
Ward Family Papers, 1870-1953
Warner (Rex) collection of papers, [1920]-1967
Warner (Sylvia Townsend) collection of papers, 1922-1978
Warner (Sylvia Townsend) Papers, 1937-1977
Warner Bros. Production Slides, 1979-1991
Washington (Fredi) Papers, 1922-1941, 1981, n.d
Washington Heights Branch Records, 1914-1995
Wasserman (Dale) Papers, 1959-1996
Watson (Barbara M.) Papers, 1929-1984
Watson (James S.) Papers, 1913-1991
Watson (James Sibley)/Dial Papers
Watson (William) collection of papers, [1881]-1926
Watts-Dunton (Theodore) collection of papers, 1871-1914
Weaver (Robert Clifton) Papers (Additions), 1930-1987
Weaver (Robert Clifton) Papers, 1869, 1923-1970
Webster Branch Records, 1904-2001
Weidman (Charles) Papers
Weidman (Charles) Papers, 1908-1975
Weidman (Charles) School of Modern Dance, Inc. Records, 1918-1975 [Bulk dates 1967-1972]
Weisgall (Hugo) Papers, 1922-1997 (bulk 1934 - 1997)
Weissmuller, Donald. Papers, 1952-1978.
Weldon (A. E.) collection of papers, 1923-1958
Wellerson (Mildred) Papers, 1895-1972
Wellman (Mac) Papers, 1959-1999
Wells (H. G.) collection of papers, 1892-1952 bulk (1896-1939)
Wescott (Glenway) collection of papers, 1917-1976
West (Rebecca) collection of papers, 1916-1975
West New Brighton Branch Records, 1932-1987
Westchester Square Branch Records, 1937-1985
Weston (George and Maudelle) Collection, 1919-1979
Wexler (Peter) Papers, 1975-1995
Whipper (Leigh) Papers, 1861-1963
White Studio Theatrical Photographs, 1903-1936
Whitman (Walt) Papers
Whittier (John Greenleaf) collection of papers, 1833-1904 bulk (1851-1892)
Wigman, Mary, 1886-1973. Letters to Margaret Gage, 1947-1973.
Wigman, Mary, 1886-1973. Letters to Walter Sorell, 1964-73.
Wigman, Mary, 1886-Letters, 1932-69.
Wilcox (Ella Wheeler) collection of papers, 1881-1919
Wilde (Oscar) collection of papers, [1880]-1932
Wilder (Alec) Collection, 1939-1995
Wilder (Thornton) collection of papers, 1926-1975 bulk (1926-1967)
Willard (Avery) Photographs, 1919-1993 (Bulk Dates 1940-1970)
Williams (Bert) Jokebooks, n.d.
Williams (Tennessee) Collection, 1948
Williams (William Carlos) collection of papers, 1927-1965
Willis (Nathaniel Parker) collection of papers, 1840-1866
Wilson (Edmund) collection of papers, 1922-1978
Wilson (Francis) Papers, 1875-1958
Wilson (John) Papers, 1890-1992
Wilson (Robert A.) Slides, 1956-1969
Wilstach (Frank Jenners) Papers on Sothern and Marlowe, 1900-1933
Winchell (Walter) Papers, 1920-1967
Winslow (Miriam) ca. 1931-1950
Wise (Thomas James) collection of papers, 1876-1937
Wiz (The) Collection, 1974-1979
Wodehouse (Pelham Grenville) collection of papers, 1905-1975
Wolf (William) Film & Theater Interview Collection, 1972-1998
Wolfe (Humbert) collection of papers, 1901-1944
Wolfe (Katharine) Papers, 1912-1972
Women's Action Coalition Records, 1991-1997
Woodstock Branch Records, 1913-1989
Woolf (Virginia) collection of papers, 1882-1984 bulk (1912-1940)
Wordsworth (William) collection of papers, 1795-1897
WPA Radio Scripts, 1936-1940
Wylie (Elinor) collection of papers, 1885-1950 bulk (1902-1928)
Yaddo Records, 1870-1980
Yeats (Jack Butler) collection of papers, [1899-1955]
Yeats (John Butler) collection of papers, [1897]-1921
Yeats (William Butler) collection of papers, 1876-[1965] bulk (1897-1939)
Yellow Springs Institute Records, 1972-2004 and Undated
Yorkville Branch Records, 1954-1987
Young (Andrew) collection of papers, 1922-1970
Young (Victor) Papers [ca. 1918-ca. 1951]
Yours for a Song Collection of Noncommercial Video Recordings
Zahn (Anita) professional and personal papers, c. 1920-1991
Zangwill (Israel) collection of papers, 1895-1918
Ziegfeld (Flo) - Billie Burke Papers, 1907-1984
Zimmermann (Frederick) Collection of Double Bass Music, [1877-1967]
Zipprodt (Patricia) Papers and Designs, 1925-1999
Zoar United Methodist Church Records, 1841-1984