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Billy Rose Theatre Collection Finding Aids

A'Becket Family Diaries and Prompt Books, 1840-1890
Abdoh (Reza) Collection of Papers, 1983-1995
Abel (Walter) Papers, 1900-1976
Adair (Jean) Papers, 1914-1929
Adams (Maude) Collection, 1879-1956
Adele Theatre records, 1919-1922.
AIDS Theatre Project Records, 1987-2003
Albee (Edward) Scripts
American Stage Design slides, 1850-1950
Ames (Winthrop) Papers, 1908-1931
Andrews (Ann) Papers, 1918-1963
Anglin (Florence) Papers, 1938-2002
Antoon (A.J.) Papers
Appleton (William) Collection of Theatrical Correspondence and Ephemera, 1697-1930
Arden-Peerless Papers, 1886-1910
Aronson (Boris) Papers and Designs, 1923-2000
Atkinson (Brooks) Papers
Balderston (John L.) Papers, 1915-1950
Baral (Robert) Papers, 1876-1980
Barker (Margaret) Papers, ca. 1800s-1989
Barnes (Kay) Papers, 1903-1972
Barr (Richard) - Clinton Wilder Papers, 1935-1982
Barstow (Richard and Edith) Papers, ca. 1907-1980
Basch (Buddy) Joke Files
Bay (Howard) Designs and Technical Drawings, 1934-1985
Belasco (David) Papers, 1868-1967
Belden (James Orson) - Lillian Gish letters and ephemera, 1936-1991
Bendiner (Alfred) Caricatures and Related Papers, 1929-1992
Benney (Robert) Original Drawings, 1926-1942
Benney (Robert) Research Materials, 1926-1978
Berkowitz (Gerald) Transcripts of New Broadways Interviews, 1995-1996
Berne (Mildred) Portraits, ca. 1927-1939
Bert Bertram Scrapbooks, 1915-1984
Binns (L.J.) Caricatures
Black Nativity files, 1961-1980
Bohnen (Roman) Papers, 1918-1976
Booth-Grossman Family Papers, 1840-1953
Bosworth (Patricia) Papers, 1932 - 1984 and Undated (Bulk Dates 1948 - 1980)
Bowman (Betty) Ephemera
Brent (Romney) Papers, 1934-1975
Brinker (Una Abell) Papers, 1895-1952
Brisson (Frederick) Papers, 1934-1984
Bromberg (J. Edward) Papers, 1924-1951
Bryant (Nana) Papers, 1917-1955
Buchman (Herman) Papers, 1939-1990
Burns (Eileen) Papers, 1928-1994
Burrows (Abe) Papers, 1904-1993
Campbell (Patton) Designs, 1948-1995
Captain Kangaroo Scripts, 1959-1964
Carle (Richard) papers, 1900-1941.
Carrington (Elaine) Papers, 1903-1959
Caubaye (Suzanne) Papers, 1919-1979
Chamberlain and Lyman Brown Theater Diaries, 1909 - 1914
Champlain (Helene) Papers, 1932-1969
Chayefsky (Paddy) Papers, 1907-1998 [Bulk dates 1952-1981]
Chute (Susan) Papers, 1985-1996
Circle Repertory Company Records, 1965-1996
Clift (Montgomery) Papers, 1933-1966
Clurman (Harold) Papers
Cohen (Alexander H.) Papers, 1880, [Bulk Dates ca. 1938 - 2003]
Colt (Alvin) Designs, 1935-1990
Comden and Green Papers, 1933-2003
Craigie (Pearl Mary Teresa) Papers, 1894-1909
Crawford (Cheryl) Papers, 1920-1986
Crawford (Joan) Papers, 1932-1976
Darling (Edward V. and Alfred T.) Papers, 1899-1952
Dean (Tunis) papers, 1875-1939
DeMott (George) Papers, 1900-1954
Donehue (Vincent J.) - Designs from the Collection, 1950-1963
Donehue (Vincent J.) Correspondence and Ephemera, 1930-1973
Donehue (Vincent J.) Papers, 1946-1965
Duncan (Kenn) Photograph Archive, ca. 1960-1986
Eastman (Max) papers, 1916-1968
Ellis (Mary) Papers, 1914-2003
Elson (James) Papers, 1950-1970
Emerson Collection on Vaudeville, 1877-1928
Evans (Maurice) Papers, 1934-1970
Falconetti (Renee) Collection, 1962
Faversham (Philip) Papers, 1919-1982
Flanagan (Hallie) Papers
Fraser (Elisabeth) Papers, 1920-1999
Freedley (George) Papers, ca. 1861-1971
Friebus (Florida) Papers, 1926-1988
Friedlich (Ruth K.) Papers, 1945-1951
Gelb (James) Papers, 1943-1976
Gibson (Robert A.) Collection of Lillian Russell Materials, 1894-1984
Gielgud (John) Correspondence to Katharine Cornell, Guthrie McClintic, and Nancy Hamilton
Gish (Lillian) Papers, 1909-1992
Goetz (Ruth and Augustus) Papers, 1900-1996
Goldberg (Harold) Papers, 1918-1961
Goldstone (Jean Stock) Papers, 1937-1961
Gomme (Laurence J.) Collection, ca. 1850-1973
Gorney (Jay) Papers, 1896-1993
Gossage (James) Photographs, 1965-1975
Green (Adolph) Papers, 1944-2002
Greener (Dorothy) Papers, 1942-1966
Halsman (Philippe) Theatrical Photographs, 1947-1969
Hamilton (Margaret) Correspondence and Ephemera, 1944-1979
Hapgood (Elizabeth Reynolds) Papers, 1929-1986.
Hapgood (Elizabeth Reynolds) Papers, 1929-1986. (2)
Harbach (Otto A.) Papers, 1870-1990
Harburg (E. Y.) Papers (1), 1913-1997
Harburg (E. Y.) Papers (2), 1936-1981
Harper (Ken) Papers, 1972-1988
Harrigan (Edward) Papers, 1871-1984
Hayward (Brooke) Papers, 1911-1977
Held (Anna) Museum Papers, 1897-1987
Henderson (Ray) Papers, 1904-1937
Henry Irving-Ellen Terry Tour Correspondence, 1884-1896
Higgins Family Papers, 1924-1971
Hill (Holly) - St. Joan Research Files, 1983-1987
Holmes (Doloris) papers, 1966-1996
Hopkins (Arthur) Papers, 1908-1954
Hunter (Kim) Scripts and Rehearsal Notes, 1957-1993
Jenkins (George) Papers and Designs, 1933-1981
Johnstone (Georgia) Papers Regarding Agnes Moorehead, 1930-1974
Kallen (Lucille) Papers, 1938-1999
Kazan (Lainie) Papers, 1960-1998
Kellin (Mike) Papers
Kilgallen (Dorothy) Papers and Scrapbooks, 1930-1965
King-Coit School and Children's Theatre Papers, 1891-1997
Kleban (Edward) Papers, 1960-1986
Kroll (Lucy) Correspondence from Lillian Gish
Kurtz (Maurice) Papers, 1965-1999
La Branche (Emla) Correspondence with Edna St. Vincent Millay and Eugen Boissevain, 1926-1951
Laffey (Bruce) - Beatrice Lillie Collection, 1919-1989
Langner (Lawrence) Papers, 1915-1962
Lawrence (Gertrude) Collection, 1898-1952
Lawrence and Lee Papers, 1917-1970
Le Gallienne (Eva) papers, 1903-1986
Lee (Franne) Papers and Designs, 1969-1997
Lee (Gypsy Rose) Papers, 1910-1970
Liebler & Co. Records, 1890-1930
Liebman (Max) Papers, 1903-1981
Lillie (Beatrice) Papers, 1911-1995
Linder (Mark) Papers, 1933-1950
Little Players Correspondence, 1961-1999
Living Theatre Records, 1945-1991
Locke (Robinson) Collection, 1870-1920
Logan (Joshua) and Elliott (Jean) Correspondence and ephemera, 1918-1989
Lortel (Lucille) Papers, 1902-2000
Lovett (Paul) Papers, 1943-1967
Lucy Kroll Agency - Helen Hayes Files
Lundgaard (Harriet) Papers, 1923-1958
Mack (Nila) Papers, 1910-1953
MacKay (Constance D'Arcy) Papers
Maher (Joseph) Papers, 1960-1998
Malina (Judith) Diaries, 1947-1959
Malpe (Lillian) letters from Lillian Gish, 1928-1977
Margaret E. Lynn Army Music and Theatre Collection, 1967-1978
McCarter Theatre production materials, 1994-2006
McComas (Carroll) Papers, 1891-1962
McCracken (Joan) Ephemera, 1930-1958
Meiser (Edith) Papers, 1902-1985
Merrill (Phyllis) Papers, 1932-1956
Mielziner (Jo) Designs and Technical Drawings, 1924-1976
Mielziner (Jo) Papers, 1903-1976
Mielziner Family Papers, 1890-1935
Milliken (James Foster) Papers, 1887-1894
Miner (Worthington) - Studio One Production Files, 1948-1955
Molnar (Ferenc) Papers, 1927-1952
Moore (Tom) Papers, 1950-1996
Morehouse (Ward) Papers, 1877-1966
Moscowitz (Jennie) Papers, 1907-1943
Mosel (Tad) Papers, 1935-1991
Mostel (Zero and Kate) Papers, 1915-1986
Mudd (Aloysius I.) Collection, 1800-1919
Muller (C. A.) Actors Portraits, ca. 1870-1897
Muni (Paul) Papers, ca. 1920-1967
Myers (Paul) Papers, 1938-1994
Natwick (Mildred) Papers, 1932-1985
Neilson (Adelaide) Papers
New Theatre League Records, 1932-1942
New York International Festival of the Arts Records, 1988-1991
New York Shakespeare Festival Records Overview, 1954-1992
New York Shakespeare Festival Records. Series I: Administrative Office, 1954-1992
New York Shakespeare Festival Records. Series II: Play Department Files, 1954-1992
New York Shakespeare Festival Records. Series III: Scripts, 1972-1992
New York Shakespeare Festival Records. Series IV: Production Materials, 1958-1992
New York Shakespeare Festival Records. Series V: General Manager's Files, 1960-1991
New York Shakespeare Festival Records. Series VI: Development Office, 1954-1989
New York Shakespeare Festival Records. Series VII: Press Office Files, 1957-1991
New York Shakespeare Festival Records. Series VIII: Archives Office, 1954-1992
New York Shakespeare Festival Records. Series X. Education Department, 1980-1989
New York Shakespeare Festival Records. Series XI: New Jazz at the Public, 1978-1987
New York Shakespeare Festival Records. Series XIII: Papp's Personal Papers, 1949-1992
Nichols (Anne) Papers, 1873-1965
Nichols (Josephine) Papers, 1948-1990
Odets (Clifford) Papers, 1926-1963
Oenslager (Donald) Collection of Edward Gordon Craig, 1898-1967
Oenslager (Donald) Papers and Designs, 1922-1982
Owen (Barnett) papers regarding Ruth Draper, 1903-1981
Palmer (Prudence Taylor) Papers on the King-Coit School and Children's Theatre, 1934-2003
Paramount Theatre Stage Manager's Records, 1936-1956
Paskman (Dailey) Papers, 1904-1939
Pastor (Tony) Collection, 1863-1959
Patrick (Robert) Papers, ca. 1940-1984
Pickford (Mary) and Buddy Rogers Correspondence
Pierce (Charles) Papers, 1954-1998
Prentice (Herbert M.) Papers, 1925-1960
Prompt Books and Actors' Copies of Victoria and Albert Theatre Museum [Microform]
Psacharopoulos (Nikos) Papers, 1925-1987
Radio City Music Hall Collection of the Designs of James Stewart Morcom and John William Keck, 1933-1979
Radio City Music Hall collection of the papers of James Stewart Morcom and John William Keck, 1926-1994
Randall (Tony) Papers, 1957-1981
Reeves-Smith (Olive) Papers, 1879-1964
Richard Astor Agency - Papers about Beatrice Lillie, 1954-1982
Richardson, (Willis) Papers, 1910-1974
RKO Studios Correspondence, 1931-1958
Roche (Emeline) Collection, 1815-1988
Rodgers (Richard) Papers
Ross (Frederick G.) Scrapbooks, 1876-1930
Row (Arthur William) Papers, 1902-1961
Ryskind (Morrie) Papers, 1911-1985
Sanderson (Julia) Papers, 1913-1935
Sardi's (Restaurant) Papers, 1913-1976
Sardi's Caricatures, 1925-1952
Schneider (Alan) Papers, 1923-1984
Schnitzer (Robert C.) and Cisney (Marcella) Papers ca. 1890-1989
Scott (Christopher) Papers on the Ridiculous Theatrical Company, 1960-2002
Second Mrs. Burton Radio Scripts, 1952-1960
Seff (Richard) Papers, 1945-2003
Selinsky (Wladimir) Scripts, 1941-1975
Shanks (Ann) Papers, 1979-1996
Slezak (Walter) Papers, ca. 1905-1983
Smith and Dale Papers, 1903-1981
Stearns (James Hart) Designs, 1966-1968
Steppenwolf Theatre Company GRAPES OF WRATH Production Files, 1972-1990; Bulk Dates 1988-1990
Stewart (Michael) Papers, 1948-1987
Stoddard (Eunice) Papers, 1913-1938
Strange (Michael) Papers, 1917-1925
Struble (Helen Gates) theater ephemera, 1922-1963
Urban (Joseph) designs for The garden of paradise, 1914
USO Camp Shows Publicity Records, 1941-1955
Van Druten (John) Papers, 1901-1957
Van Zandt (Porter) Papers, 1952-1967
Vawn (Bambi) Papers, 1967-1991
Vawter (Ron) Papers, 1963-1994 (Bulk Dates: 1981-1994)
Warner Bros. Production Slides, 1979-1991
Wasserman (Dale) Papers, 1959-1996
Wellman (Mac) Papers, 1959-1999
White Studio Theatrical Photographs, 1903-1936
Willard (Avery) Photographs, 1919-1993 (Bulk Dates 1940-1970)
Wilson (Francis) Papers, 1875-1958
Wilson (R. A.) Slides, 1956-1969
Wilstach (Frank Jenners) Papers on Sothern and Marlowe, 1900-1933
Winchell (Walter) Papers, 1920-1967
WPA Radio Scripts, 1936-1940
Yellow Springs Institute Records, 1972-2004 and Undated
Ziegfeld (Flo) - Billie Burke Papers, 1907-1984
Zipprodt (Patricia) Papers and Designs, 1925-1999