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Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture Finding Aids

AMAS Musical Theatre Production Files, 1978-1992
American Negro Theatre Records, 1940-1949, 1981
American Negro Theatre Scrapbook, 1945-1947
Anthony (Michael) Papers, 1957-1984
Asbury United Methodist Church Records, 1836-1986
Beam (Joseph F.) Papers, 1967-1990
Bearden (Bessye B.) Papers, 1922-1944
Bearden (Romare) Papers, 1933-1979
Bennett (George W.) Manuscript
Bennett (Gwendolyn) Papers, 1916-1981
Berry (Isaac Reed) Papers, 1931-1975
Berry (Llewellyn L.) Collection, 1900-1954
Black (Joseph) Papers, 1961-1977
Black Academy of Arts and Letters (Records), 1968-1980
Black Panther Party. Harlem Branch Collection, 1970, n.d.
Blacks in the Railroad Industry Collection, 1946-1954
Boatner (Edward) Papers, 1941-1980
Bragg (George Freeman) Manuscripts
Braithwaite (William Stanley) Papers, 1902-1976
Brown (Egbert Ethelred) Papers, 1908-1964
Browne (Robert S.) Papers, 1957-1995
Bunche (Ralph J.) Papers, 1922-1988
Bunton (Henry C.) Papers, 1871-1989
Carrington (Glenn) Papers, 1921-1971
Clarke (Catherine) Civil Rights Collection, 1936-1969 (bulk 1966-1969)
Coalition of Black Trade Unionists Collection, 1972-1988
Collins (Christianne C.) Collection of the West Harlem Coalition for Morningside Park and Ur ban Problems of the Contiguous Communities: West Harlem, Manhattan Valley, Morningside Heights and Manhattanville.
Community News Service Records, 1969-1976
Cosme (Eusebia) Papers, 1927-1973
Crosswaith (Frank R.) Papers, 1917-1965
Dafora (Asadata Horton) Papers, 1933-1963
Davis (Angela) Legal Defense Collection, 1970-1972
Davis (Benjamin J.) Jr. Papers, 1949-1964
Davis (John P.) Papers, 1845-1972
Delaney (Sadie Peterson) Papers, 1921-1958
Dowridge-Challenor Family Letters, 1904-1917
Dupree African-American Pentecostal and Holiness Collection, 1876-1989
Earl Conrad/Harriet Tubman Collection, 1939-1941, 1946
Ebenezer United Methodist Church Records, 1865-1980
Fax (Elton) Papers, 1930-1974
First African Baptist Church Records, 1873-1977
Frost (Olivia Pleasants) Papers, 1937-1994
Galamison (Milton A.) Papers, 1947-1987
Harlem Neighborhoods Association Records, 1941-1978
Haughton (James) Papers, 1929-1984
Herbert (Rietta Hines) Papers, 1940-1969
Herzfeld (Will) Papers, 1967-1990
Heyward (Samuel Edwin) Jr. Papers, 1917-1982
Hudson (Hosea) Papers, 1941-1980
Hunton (William Alphaeus) Papers, 1926-1970
James Weldon Johnson Community Centers, Inc. Records Records, 1942-1988
Johnson (John Albert) Papers, 1876-1884
Johnson (Oakley) Papers, 1946-1959
Katz (Bernard and Jonathan)/Lucy Terry Prince Collection, 1967-1973
Kennedy (Stetson) Collection, 1916-1950
Kobler (John) Haitian Revolution Research Material, 1791-1806
Lane (Layle) Papers, 1933-1951
Martin (Samuel J.) Papers, 1926-1984
Mayfield (Julian) Papers, 1949-1984
Miller (Flournoy) Collection, 1928-1971
Mills (Florence) Papers, 1896-1974
Moore (Richard B.) Papers, 1902-1978
Moorish Science Temple of America Collection, 1926-1967
Morrison (Allan) Papers, 1940-1968
National Association of Colored Graduate Nurses Records, 1908-1951
Neal (Larry) Papers, 1961-1985
Newman (Richard). Laura Adorkor Kofey Research Collection, 1926-1981
Olugebefola (Ademola) Papers, 1967-1990
Osborne (Estelle Massey) Papers, 1943-1967
Parrish (Richard) Papers (Additions), 1959-1976
Parrish (Richard) Papers, 1950-1975
Perry (Pettis) Papers, 1942-1967
Pickens (William) Papers (Additions), 1909-1950
Pitts (Tyrone) /National Council of Churches Papers, 1959-1989
Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ Records, 1896-1982
Porter (Kenneth Wiggins) Papers, 1912-1981
Robeson (Paul) Collection, 1925-1956
Rudd (Robert) Papers, 1875-1906
Schein (Ruth) /1964 Mississippi Freedom Summer Project Collection
Schomburg (Arthur A.) Papers, 1724-1895 (1904-1938)
Schultz (Charles H. Chiz) /Fireside Productions Collection 1968-1990
Second African Baptist Church, Savannah, Ga. Records, 1812-1979
Sharp Street Memorial United Methodist Church. Mount Auburn Cemetery, Baltimore, Maryland, Records, 1873-1993
Smythe (Hugh) Papers, 1942-1963
Spiller (William N. and Isabele T.) Papers, 1906-1958
Steptoe (John Lewis) Papers, 1877-1991
Stevens (Harold A.) Papers, 1936-1990
Stewart (Alexander and Shirlene) Pentecostal Collection, 1925-1993
Trenton Six Collection, 1949-1956
Turner (Otis) Papers, 1978-1990
Twenty-First Century Foundation Records, 1971-1984, 1992
Walker (Charles D.) Papers, 1923-1985
Walker (Wyatt Tee) Papers, 1963-1982, n.d.
Walton (Lester A.) Papers, 1905-1977
Washington (Fredi) Papers, 1922-1941, 1981, n.d
Watson (Barbara M.) Papers, 1929-1984
Watson (James S.) Papers, 1913-1991
Weaver (Robert Clifton) Papers (Additions), 1930-1987
Weaver (Robert Clifton) Papers, 1869, 1923-1970
Weston (George and Maudelle) Collection, 1919-1979
Whipper (Leigh) Papers, 1861-1963
Williams (Bert) Jokebooks, n.d.
Wiz (The) Collection, 1974-1979
Zoar United Methodist Church Records, 1841-1984